Hairgate? Seriously?

“It seems that one ‘gate’ type scandal isn’t enough for Cupertino this time around,” Darren Allan reports for Betanews. “Following ‘bendgate’… we now have ‘hairgate.'”

“Apple’s new iPhone 6 isn’t causing folks to pull their hair out with frustration, it is just simply and literally pulling people’s hair out — or that’s the allegation,” Allan reports. “Apparently, the thin seam between the display glass and aluminum body is snagging on long hairs (and beard hairs, too) when people are making phone calls, and being yanked out when the handset is moved away from the caller’s face.”

Allan reports, “Others doubt whether this is a real issue, while slipping a gag in at the same time, of course. Jen Dudley-Nicholson noted: ‘Two weeks in and I have yet to experience iPhone 6 #Hairgate. Perhaps it’s a bald-faced lie?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with Microsoft’s upside-down and backwards Mac knockoff, although not as deeply entrenched, there is an industry dependent on Google’s inferior iOS wannabe. Said industry now clearly sees the writing on the wall and they don’t like what it says.

Android’s one big selling point – big displays – has evaporated. Increasingly desperate times call for increasingly desperate FUD. This one, though, is particularly laughable.

Our second-generation 64-bit A8-powered iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units can bend all day long while giving us haircuts and close shaves and you can have them…

…when you pry them from our cold, dead hands.

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    1. Here’s to the hairy ones. The hirsute. The swarthy. The human rugs. The furry faces in the cleanly shaven crowd.

      The ones who bring a different face to the world. They’re not fond of shaving. And they have no respect for the chic stubble look. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

      But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they scream when the iPhone 6 rips out their facial follicles. They yelp. They curse. They weep. They whimper. They recover. They check for drops of blood. Then they make switch to texting.

      Maybe they have to be crazy to make another call at the risk of additional pain.

      How else can you stare in a mirror and perceive a tangled beard as a work of art? Or sit in silence and listen to the sound of fingers stroking a mustache over and over? Or gaze at Duck Dynasty on TV and see freedom and independence expressed in the form of long beards?

      We make tools for these kinds of people.

      While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to continue to rip out facial hair with their iPhones are the ones who really love their Apple products.

  1. I have never had this problem, and can’t imagine it being a problem after inspecting it closely. For the most part I always use my phone with an Apple headset anyway, always have. Not to mention you’re holding a flat device against your round head; the edges shouldn’t even touch you.

  2. This “HAIR” issue has been around since the first iPhone. I remember reports that this happened back then. I suspect every modern phone model has had hair caught in one of it’s seems.

    It’s like the dead fish at the bottom of the barrel. When you have nothing left, pull out the hair FUD. I personally have never experienced this.

    With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you actually have whole locks and braids stuck in the canyon crack between the screen and body of their phone, a feature I might add. Turn on the vibrator and you have a Remington electric razor.

  3. Someone at work brought that up to me yesterday. So, I pulled out my 6plus and we both tried to figure out how it would even be possible. There’s no hair thin enough to fit or get caught like they’re claiming. He’d originally bought this story, but confronted with the contra-evidence, said “why do people come up with stuff like that.” And, I told him they were probably paid by Samsung, who’ve been caught doing this sort of thing before.

    1. I got a chance to play with an iPhone Plus today for a bit. WOW! What a nice piece of hardware! I’m very impressed with what Apple was able to do. The screen clarity is noticeable immediately and the reduced glare when used in the sun was significant.

  4. This is one of the first things I noticed upon using my new iPhone 6 for the first time. I thought I was ridiculous to complain about the fact that the phone kept pulling out my beard hairs, and just sort of laughed it off. The case I got for my phone ended up solving this issue. It’s a pretty unique frustration, nonetheless.

    1. If your phone has a gap between the glass and the aluminium case big enough to actually catch human hair, it is defective and should be replaced (as it is under warranty). You may not care about this, but when the time comes to upgrade it to iPhone 7 (plus), the prospective next owner of your phone may be concerned about this gap.

        1. ???

          The point is, iPhone 6 (plus) is supposed to be (and it apparently largely is) a perfectly seamlessly designed device, and everyone who already has it can attest that there is no gap whatsoever between the metal and the glass. Since iPhone is manufactured by humans (albeit with an automated process), it is just possible that ever-so-tiny fraction of the massive production run of tens of millions of devices ends up manufactured slightly outside of the extremely rigorous tolerances set by Apple. Such a device should be returned to Apple, which will happily replace it with a perfectly smooth one.

          While it is possible that no-one will remember in six months (or a year; two years is way too long to wait for the next model of iPhone), the defect is still a defect, and when you are dealing with the company known worldwide with the most stellar customer (and warranty) service, you may as well take advantage of that.

    1. Samsung misunderstood Apple’s hair snagging genius. This ability to grab hair is Apple’s beta test of the new Apple iHang Handsfree approach to talking on your iPhone 6. Just hang it by your ear on your hair or beard and talk away while you drive, cook, or jog.

  5. I have been running my iPhone 6 through the thin hair on my head, and the course beard on my face from the first sentence of this article through the last comment – no snags…. ☺️

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