Google Glass has disappeared almost overnight

“Whatever happened to all those people wearing Google Glass all over town? Many were all-in on the greatness of the product, wearing Google Glass to video podcasts, TV shows, and events. Wearers were gung ho and constantly extolled the virtues of Google Glass,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “[Then], in April 2014, articles began to appear about how all the early adopters stopped wearing the glasses because they were useless and led to personal ridicule.”

“Personally I’ll be surprised if Google does not pull the plug on the product within the next 12 months,” Dvorak writes. “The social pressure came directly from the public. People found these devices insulting and rude. In some ways they reflect the naiveté of Google itself. The company has exhibited a very cavalier attitude towards individual privacy.”

a glasshole
A Glasshole
“The users who didn’t realize that it was rude to wear these info-glasses must have found out soon enough when they’d hear complaints from people on the street, or worse, the ultra-expense Glass was grabbed off their face,” Dvorak writes. “It is time to just kiss this little product goodbye, for good.”

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    1. Google’s concept was wrong. But having a head-mounted video camera can use useful…

      Apple is making iPhone the “hub” for wearable computing, starting with Apple Watch. When Apple opens up the technology that makes the iPhone/Watch combo work so seamlessly, third parties can also design products that use iPhone as the brains and muscle.

      Then, someone (probably not Apple) will design a wearable video camera product that is far less conspicuous, which connects to iPhone wirelessly like Apple Watch. And like Apple Watch, the iPhone does the heavy lifting (data processing and storage), allowing the wearable camera device to be much smaller and “purpose-focused.” Google’s conceptual mistake was to make its “Glass” into a stand-alone product that tries to do “everything.”

      I understand that Glass DID have other functions, not just “head-mounted video camera.” But if the user always has an iPhone to act as the “hub,” products like Apple Watch (and future wearables) do NOT need to do those other things. They can be focused on their key UNIQUE functions.

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        the earth is overheating from the ground up; you might have noticed the increase in quakes and volcanoes, for example. that is, you might notice if you would take your head out of 0bama’s queer ass.

      1. The cop cameras now in use often “fail” or were “no on” in many cases. I suspect when thevideo absolves police misconduct we see it. When it shows the police in the wrong it conveniently does not exist. I propose the cameras record to the cloud wher ther could be control of public access. As long as the police can erase bad behavior the cameras are less than useless.

    1. Totally agree. I mean, how many times can you take being punched in the face? Not to mention, it’s the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen people wear. You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing one of those ridiculous things. Rudest, most obnoxious piece of tech ever created.

    1. Oh they will, Google will just keep them in beta form for ever but yes there is a market in business a little scarily as its to keep watch on the workers as much as to help them serve the public… who it will also keep watch on of course. 1984 here we come.

  1. In L.A., I can see Google Glass being used under controlled conditions, say a Student or Indie Film Shoot, as the device has cinema verite written all over it. But for once Dvorak is right, negative reaction by the Public to being brazenly spied upon will kill the product. And BlueMax is right: Google’s utter contempt for user privacy is evident in all their products, including harvesting results from Google Search and Android phones.

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