“Like it or not, a Google Glass world is finally upon us,” Dana Schuster reports for The New York Post. “And it’s a divided one.”

“Since its April 2013 rollout, tens of thousands of Google Glass devices have been sold nationwide, says a Google spokesperson who declined to provide specific numbers,” Schuster reports. “But not everyone is going Glass. Critics argue that the flashy gizmo is both pretentious and intrusive, letting wearers take photos with a simple wink of the eye.”

““Glasshole” has become the term du jour, and outrage has spiraled so out of control that San Francisco has had a series of reported attacks on users. New York City’s not immune to the backlash, either,” Schuster reports. “In April, a techie war erupted when East Village restaurant Feast kicked out Glass-user Katy Kasmai after she refused to remove her device. Kasmai vented online, and hundreds of Glass groupies rallied against Feast on Google, accusing the eatery of discriminating ‘against people who are into new technology.’ Feast co-owner Brian Ghaw is unapologetic. He says Feast’s no-Glass policy is for guests’ peace of mind. ‘They just felt uncomfortable about having somebody who could potentially videotape them,’ explains Ghaw. ‘If someone were sitting at a table with their smartphone constantly pointing in a certain direction and you didn’t know what they were doing with it, you’d feel pretty uncomfortable as well.'”

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