“As the smartphone market matures and demand for high-end phones starts to plateau, the industry is starting to look toward wearables for the next revolution,” Vincent Trivett writes for Minyanville. “Judging by a recent poll, it seems like smartwatches are much more likely to catch on than face-mounted computers like Google Glass.”

“The blog belonging to Jessica Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal tech reporter now planning to start her own news venture aimed at industry professionals, found that early adopters prefer smartwatches by a huge margin,” Trivett writes. “Eric Newcomer reports that 38% of Americans would like to buy a smartwatch, compared to 10% for glasses. Only 6% of respondents said they would choose both, and 45% don’t want either option. The survey was commissioned by the blog with Survey Monkey Audience.”

Trivett writes, “This should be a clear sign to all of the present and future entrants to the wearable tech space. Apple has been rumored to be working on a watch for at least a year. CEO Tim Cook seems hip to the idea. ‘I don’t know a lot of people that wear [glasses] that don’t have to,’ he said at the All ThingsD conference this year. ‘I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural.'”

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