Why an Apple iWatch has better chances than Google Glass

“As the smartphone market matures and demand for high-end phones starts to plateau, the industry is starting to look toward wearables for the next revolution,” Vincent Trivett writes for Minyanville. “Judging by a recent poll, it seems like smartwatches are much more likely to catch on than face-mounted computers like Google Glass.”

“The blog belonging to Jessica Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal tech reporter now planning to start her own news venture aimed at industry professionals, found that early adopters prefer smartwatches by a huge margin,” Trivett writes. “Eric Newcomer reports that 38% of Americans would like to buy a smartwatch, compared to 10% for glasses. Only 6% of respondents said they would choose both, and 45% don’t want either option. The survey was commissioned by the blog with Survey Monkey Audience.”

Trivett writes, “This should be a clear sign to all of the present and future entrants to the wearable tech space. Apple has been rumored to be working on a watch for at least a year. CEO Tim Cook seems hip to the idea. ‘I don’t know a lot of people that wear [glasses] that don’t have to,’ he said at the All ThingsD conference this year. ‘I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural.'”

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  1. Cook says he doesn’t know a lot of people that wear glasses the don’t need to. He surely must notice that almost all his employees wear dark glasses as they drive into and out of work on the 325 bright sunny days each year in Cupertino. And he might notice very few are wearing watches, they all have iPhones. I do not think Google glass will succeed, but I think that it is not because people will not wear glasses. No it is because you look like a dork. Plus people are going to avoid you like the plague.

    1. In a way, you prove Cook’s point – people only wear glasses because they need to, either to see clearly, or as you pointed out, sunglasses to cut the glare.
      Otherwise, most people don’t wear glasses, although I had a student once who always wore lensless Buddy Holly style frames, apparently as some sort of fashion statement.
      He actually was kind of a dork, and people did avoid him like the plague.

    2. I’ve worn glasses all my life and if you’re not used to wearing glasses then that’s a steep change in lifestyle.

      And with google glasses price it’s not even an option.

      Ironically the people that may actually buy glass more likely are people used to wearing glasses. But as google glass won’t have prescription lenses that cancels out that market.

  2. One other consideration:

    You can check your watch in traffic and you won’t get pulled over.

    Wear your Gargle-Glass and you could get pulled over for the same infraction as talking with your mobile/cell phone up to your ear.

    Just a thought.

    I, for one, don’t see the big deal with Gargle-Glass.

  3. An iWatch won’t attract vicious attacks from random strangers concerned that you’re invading their privacy. The high likelihood of taking a beating on a public street is easily reason enough to avoid g-glass like the plague.

    1. Then why are you on this site? Are you forgetting that it is 2013? It is inevitable that watches and glasses would finally enter the tech realm. If you don’t like it, then you can use your old Windows 3.1 (That “Apple logo” comment disqualifies you from being associated with Classic Mac. Don’t Pass Go, don’t collect $200.)

        1. Looks like you’ve won the debate. I just can’t argue with such intelligent and well thought out opinions like the one you gave to me. Your opinions and ideas deserve to give you the Nobel Prize, if not the Pulitzer. You, sir, are one intelligent individual.

    1. I’ve given up on wating for Apple to actually release something. Pebble is taking orders again – they were probably waiting to see what Apple would do at the last event. Looking forward to getting mine.

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