“Google Glass is doomed,” Robert Scoble blogs on Google+. “Why do I say that? Because the tech press tells me so.”

“Nearly everyone wants to try it. Google is brilliant. They got us to pay $1,500 (plus tax) to be its PR agent. It’s gotten to the point where even I don’t want to wear them around,” Scoble writes. “I’m hearing they won’t be able to get under $500 in 2014, so that means it’s doomed. In 2014. When they get under $300 and have another revision or two? That’s when the market really will show up. 2016, I say.”

“If apps do show up by some miracle how many can you really fit into the small format of Glass? Not many. This thing is gonna break if I tried to put the 300 apps on my MotoX or iPhone onto it,” Scoble writes. “Why? You simply won’t scroll through hundreds of apps. Your arm will get tired. And if you add too many it’ll decrease voice recognition quality.”

Robert Scoble, glasshole.

Robert Scoble, glasshole.

“When doing video the battery only lasts 45 minutes AND it gets very hot. I expect that will get fixed, right now video is being compressed in software,” Scoble writes. “I bet that when they release the public version it will be done in hardware.”

“But, what is real-world battery use like? Already Google has had to ratchet back a bunch of features it wanted to include, like automatic uploads of photos,” Scoble writes. “It now only does that when plugged in and on wifi.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, basically, Glass is “doomed” in it’s current iteration, but the idea of Glass, according to Scoble is not at all doomed, just a couple of years out: 2016, he says.

We shall see if it comes that quickly. In order to become acceptable to the mainstream, beyond Scoble’s hometown of Totaldorkville, face-mounted wearable computing will have to get a lot smaller, a lot less obtrusive, a lot more efficient, a lot more useful, and a lot more stylish. That’s a lot of lots, but, just off the top of our heads, we can think of one company who could check off that formidable checklist — and its name isn’t Google.

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