Report: Office for Mac coming spring 2014, Office for iOS due in autumn 2014

“An alleged roadmap for Microsoft’s coming ‘Gemini’ wave of Office updates, if accurate, indicates Microsoft’s Office for iOS and Android — as well as Outlook for Windows RT — may be further away than many hoped and expected,” Mary Jo Foley reports for ZDNet.

MacDailyNews Take: The further away, the better.

“The 1.5 wave of the Gemini updates is set for April 2014, the roadmap indicates. This is when the Office team will deliver the next version of Mac Office,” Foley reports. “Also on the roadmap for fall 2014 is what’s listed as iOS/Android support for Office. One would assume this is the expected and widely rumored Office for iPad release. It could, however, be Office for iPhone and Android phone, given that it’s not listed on the roadmap as being tablet-specific.”

Foley reports, “I do not know how old this purported roadmap is, but my contact indicated it was likely current as of the start of 2013.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The longer Microsoft dithers, the more people wake up to the fact that Office is not necessary. iPad is taking the enterprise by storm. No Microsoft Office needed. Take your time, dummies.

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  1. At this rate they might as well not bother. I can’t see myself installing Office for iOS. iWork for iOS works plenty good. I just don’t see where Office for iOS fits in.

    As for Office for Mac, I think I’ll stick with the 2011 version. Good enough for me. I can’t see why I would need the 2014 version which will be filled end to end with useless Ribbon stuff.

    In fact Office upgrades are getting to be a bit irrelevant. The existing versions work as well as can be expected and I don’t see myself throwing another dime in Microsoft’s direction.

    1. If I can sync my Spreadsheets between my iPad and iMac, that would be heaven. I’d eve go so far as to buy the 128Gb iPad if necessary (most likely would be).

      Funny thing is, if the 128 were required to run Office on an iPad, its possible Apple could make more than MSFT on the update.

    1. Word 14.3.2 for the Mac (as part of Office 2011)

      One can turn off the hideous ribbon, thank goodness.

      Yes, it does many things that Pages cannot do.

      Yes, it comes with some confusing Microsoft conventions and interfaces, as usual, but in the end, it really is the most comprehensive word processor native to the Mac platform.

  2. iOS Office available in fall of 2014. What? BFD! Is Mister Softy channeling RIM here? They’re announcing the alleged availability of software more than a year away? Oh, yeah, I’ll be waiting for that one. Geeze.

    1. Oh sure. Microsoft has enough cash laying around to limp along for years and years.

      Not that the cash is being used for any good, except to pay the owners of start up companies huge sums for their work, which will whither and die deep within the Redmond complex.

  3. even on Android there are many alternative to Office

    who the f— cares – the big companies the enterprises – what do they know?

    Mac has many alternatives.. we dont need you Microsoft go to hell

  4. Apple has a golden opportunity here to make Microsoft completely irrelevant in the mobile office suite arena. Apple needs to make a significant iWork app update to its iOS version, coordinated with an OS X iWork significant update.

    An iWork suite which had important feature parity with Word, could seamlessly open Word and Excel docs (without losing significant formatting, etc.) and sync’d flawlessly over iOS and OS X devices could put a huge nail in Microsoft’s coffin . . . you know, the one they’ll recycle from their iPhone funeral charade.

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