48% of U.S. teens own an iPhone; 62% plan to buy one

“The results of Piper Jaffray’s 25th bi-annual teen survey came in Tuesday afternoon,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Once again, it showed Apple (AAPL) to be the most desired brand among American teenagers who care about things like smartphones and tablets,” P.E.D. reports. “59% of teens say they are likely to buy an iOS device (unchanged from fall) and 21% are likely to buy an Android device (was 20%). Among high-income families, the iOS preference rises to 70%.”

P.E.D. reports, “62% of teens plan on making an iPhone their next mobile device (flat vs. fall 2012). 23% expect to buy an Android phone, up from from 22% last fall. 17% of teens plan on buying a tablet in the next 6 months (vs. 20% Fall 2012) [and] 68% plan to buy an iPad (54% full size/14% iPad mini).”

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    1. i thought it meant 48% of the teens own iPhone…
      so the other 52% either have Android or cant afford either so use a dumb phone.

      then i thought 62% who don’t have iPhone want one…
      must be unhappy customers locked into other contracts — yet the 38% others folk are Android lovers.

      so – 38% is the TRUE market share for Android.

  1. I had occasion to show someone how to access and use a website on his personal iPad and company Samsung tablet yesterday. What a world of difference.

    The samsung was littered with ads but more importantly, the touch sensitivity was terrible. The overall experience was an embarrassing comparison for everyone who was watching.

  2. 14% want iPad mini — hmmmm

    once iPad mini is offered with a retina screen and full telephone capabilities the (phone-let) Apple will definitely rise into the 90% range on all surveys

  3. Count my dumbass teen in that percent. Warned him not to buy the Droid. But he’s a teenager. What do I know?

    Now…he lives in Droid Regret. A painful place to exist.
    All I hear is: “I can’t wait to get rid of this piece of shit!”

    Here’s where the parent gets to say “I told you so.”

    1. I might add that when anyone walks in a Verison store, the sales people do their best to steer people AWAY from an iPhone. I’ve seen the pitch in person 2 or 3 times, and heard the stories from friends. That is how many of these teens (and un-techsavy adults) end up stuck with Droids.

  4. 48% of ALL U.S. teens have an iPhone.
    62% plan to buy an iPhone.

    That means current teens with iPhones and an additional 14% that don’t already have an iPhone also plan to buy their first iPhone.

    You fanbois should have figured that out considering how you will buy anything Apple puts out regardless of barely negligible differences to the previous version.

    1. bataylor – nonsense., the changes were anything but negligible
      iPhone 5 upgrades were significant over iPhone 4S.

      A6 vs A5 chip
      4.9″ vs 4.5″ screen
      iPhone 5 is almost 20% thinner
      iPhone 5 is 20% lighter
      iPhone 5 added LTE
      iPhone 5 added 5 GHz Wifi
      iPhone 5 FaceTime camera improved from VGA to 720p HD video, 1.2 MP stills
      iPhone 5 added Improved video stabilization
      iPhone 5 added Taking still photos while recording video
      iPhone 5 added Face detection

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