Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer deserves the Ron Johnson treatment

“Say what you want about the word ‘conviction,’ but patience has its limits. This is what J.C. Penney has just realized with Ron Johnson, who is out after two years of brutal results,” Richard Saintvilus writes for Seeking Alpha. “Whether or not Johnson got the ‘quick hook’ depends on your level of patience.”

“Unlike Johnson, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, has had more than enough time,” Saintvilus writes. “I no longer believe that growth is Microsoft’s top priority. You might argue that Windows 8 and the Surface tablet were answers to the mobile revolution. Perhaps. But what type of meaningful traction have they gained?”

Saintvilus writes, “Microsoft has had plenty of time and has wasted it. The company has been too slow to adapt… The remarkable aspect of this is that there hasn’t been an outcry for Steve Ballmer’s removal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nevahhh, evahhh!

Steve Ballmer is an excellent the perfect CEO for Microsoft and should stay tight where he is for as long as it takes.

Ballmer Bomb

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    1. As long as Bill Gates is on the Board at MS and has a mindset that thinks the Surface RT tablet is “unbelievably great”*, then the Board will continue along in its self-inflicted stupor thinking all the while that Ballmer is doing a fantastic job.

      * Ref.:

  1. “Steve Ballmer is an excellent the perfect CEO for Microsoft and should stay tight where he is for as long as it takes.”

    Anytime since January is as long as any Microsoft competitor needed for Ballmer to stay in place.

    New leadership will need a year to restructure management and MSFT’s direction. It will then take a slimmer, more focused, MSFT 5 years to offer a compelling product that doesn’t have its roots in Windows 95.

    That process can be sped up by purchasing Blackberry, and dumping the one OS serving desktop AND mobile platforms.

    1. Yes, those commercials are amazing, and are sure to win multiple CLIO awards next month.

      The only thing lacking in that brilliant series is one where Steve Ballmer himself clicks his heels, juggles Surfaces, and rapidly folds/unfolds chairs to a clicking chorus before hurling them into the distance.

      1. Those commercials astound me every time. They do not have a clue how to highlight the use of the device. A guy jumping around on a table? So stupid, and insulting to most peoples intelligence.

        As much as I may not want one of those devices, I’m sure they could have been portrayed in a little better light – say a practicality, useful light maybe?

    1. It’s becoming more and more clear Ballmer and Gates played hide the sausage in that Harvard dorm room one fateful night years ago. The fateful question Gates consented to? “Do you mind if I take a Polaroid?”

  2. He’s still there because he’s the perfect incarnation/archetype of all Microsoftians. Those who LOVE Microsoft are, by and large, exactly like Ballmer in every significant way.

  3. Wall Street loves Ballmer! MS makes a profit, pays a decent dividend and stock price is not volatile. The small brained WS types have no concern about long term. Get over it folks, until two of those factors change drastically, Ballmer has a job. Think Kodak!

  4. I do sort of like the retro humor from Ballmer’s better days hopping around screaming “Developers, developers, developers”.

    We need more humor. Keep Ballmer their & give him time on SNL.

  5. Much as a MS failure would be just desserts, I’ve never agreed with MDN’s “as long as it takes” mantra. A competitive MS can only make Apple even better.

    They did “thinkt different” with WinPhone 8 (at least, mire different than Android!)

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