Good Technology today released its Q4 2012 Device Activation Report. The report details smartphone and tablet devices activated amongst Good’s enterprise customers, which include half of the Fortune 100. The full report provides a breakdown of smartphone and tablet activations among Good’s enterprise customers to uncover notable changes and trends in device and mobile operating system preference and usage within corporations.

The results showed Apple as the clear winner among enterprise users, claiming the top five spots for device activations, and more than 90 percent of all tablet activations. The iPhone 5, released at the end of September 2012, was the most popular device among enterprise users, followed by the iPhone 4 and 4S, both of which also showed a surge in activations over the quarter. Good attributes this spike in activations to the price drop that systematically occurs whenever a new iPhone is released into the market. Similarly, the iPad (4th gen.), released in October 2012, came in behind its two most recent predecessors in overall device rankings. The number of iPad models currently available in the market is leading to increased fragmentation and suggests that consumers and corporate buyers are often willing to adopt older generations of device hardware in order to save money.

Good Technology’s Q4 2012 Device Activation Report

Good Technology’s Q4 2012 Device Activation Report

Good Technology’s Q4 2012 Device Activation Report

Android activations dropped 6.3 percent as compared to Q4 2011, accounting for 22.7 percent of all activations for the quarter, which were primarily driven by Android tablets. Windows Phone devices came in a distant third for the quarter, capturing just 0.5 percent of overall activations.

Additional report findings include:

• iOS platform activations rose 8.5 percent year-over-year, growing from 71 percent in Q4 of 2011 to 77 percent in Q4 2012
• The iPhone 5 was the most popular device in Q4 of 2012, representing 32 percent of all activations for the quarter
• iPad continues to lead tablet activations with 93.2 percent
• Android smartphones finished the quarter a fraction behind iOS at 21 percent of all activations in Q4 2012

The more than 4,000 customers represented in this survey include bellwether companies – from financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, energy & utilities, legal, government, and high tech –making this data report a benchmark for enterprise mobility adoption. The metrics cited in this report are generated directly from Good’s internal data, as aggregated from all devices activated across Good’s worldwide customer base.

Source: Good Technology

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