“Last year, the cloud continued to be red hot,” Tom Taulli reports for Forbes. “But keep in mind that the industry is far from young.”

“The roots actually go back to 1998, with the founding of NetSuite,” Taulli reports. “The company made a big bet that enterprises would eventually access software via the Web.”

Taulli reports, “I reached out to NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, to get his take on the cloud and some of the emerging trends.”

Nelson said, in part:

• I think it is a misconception that retail is dead. If you look at Apple, the main reason for the company’s success was its integrated retail model. It was a big driver. Now traditional retailers need to find a way to take the Apple approach. The problem is that they could not do it because much of the technology had been built before the cloud era. Apple, on the other hand, built its own system…

• I think Apple will become the model for the successful next-generation enterprise software company. And it will not just be because of the user interface. That’s just one piece of it. The other is having an integrated model. Everything works together…

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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