How Siri could kill Apple or something

“Siri could signal the beginning of the end for Apple,” Greg Satell writes for Forbes. “First, the obvious. When you ask Siri for something, it inevitably sends you to Google.”

MacDailyNews Take: It most certainly does not, as anyone who’s used Siri could tell you. After OpenTable, Gayot, CitySearch, BooRah, Yelp, Yahoo Local, ReserveTravel, Localeze, Eventful, StubHub, LiveKick, MovieTickets, Rotten Tomatoes, The New York Times, Wolfram Alpha, and more, the generic search engine is Siri’s last resort.

Satell writes, “Much of the critical technology is provided by Nuance Communications, a leader in speech recognition. So it’s hard to see how Siri gives Apple any competitive advantage at all.”

MacDailyNews Take: Greg, your difficulty is rooted in your idiocy.

Satell writes, “Probably most importantly, with Apple’s paltry R&D budget, it is unlikely that they will be able to compete beyond interfaces and devices (and with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy 4S, even their position there seems to be eroding).”

MacDailyNews Take: Size of R&D expenditures does not equal level of innovation. See: Microsoft R&D. See also, related articles below. Apple is efficient. Uh oh, that’s right: They must be doomed.

As some guy named Steve Jobs once remarked regarding R&D spending: If it was just a matter of spending money, Microsoft would deliver good products.

And, oh, by the way:
• Apple spent 3.4 billion on R&D in FY12, up $1 billion – the largest increase in company history – November 1, 2012

As for Samsung’s Galaxy 4S:

Gazelle: Galaxy S4 spurs trade-ins of other Samsung phones, not iPhones – March 18, 2013
Samsung’s big attempt to gin up some buzz generates crickets – March 20, 2013
Samsung swung wildly and whiffed; Now it’s Apple’s turn at bat – March 19, 2013

Satell writes, “Apple, for its part, doesn’t seem to have any significant artificial intelligence platform beyond the Siri interface and no big data effort to speak of. If they did, we would know about it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Is this a joke article?

• Apple begins construction of massive billion dollar data center near Reno – March 11, 2013
Apple begins work on massive Prineville, Oregon data center – October 19, 2012
The story behind how Apple’s $1 billion data center got built in Maiden, North Carolina – July 12, 2012

Satell writes, “It’s tough to see how Apple will compete 3-5 years from now when Big Data and artificial intelligence become an important part of the consumer experience.”

MacDailyNews Take: Now, Greg, is this vision problem you have because you’re blind or because you’re a moron, or is your problem some combination of the two?

Satell writes, “As I’ve pointed out before, it’s not clear that Tim Cook understands the problem.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Forbes ought to be embarrassed.

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  1. “Think Before You Click” has published more crappy “reporting” than any technology site I’ve seen. I’ll bet that Ron Enderle and Associates (his wife) are major investors.

  2. Forbes, full of baloney. What a piece of trash they have become.
    I hope Satell doesn’t have kids. They would be embarrassed and ashamed of “Dad The Shill”.

  3. Rubbish. Of course, Siri needs to be developed much more so it actually works for every command you ask of it. This Beta Siri phase needs an improvement and upgrade. I would love to have Siri on the desktop in a sort of a Star Trekian setup where you ask the computer to perform functions/tasks in the same way the Enterprise’s Main Computer did when called upon by Kirk, Picard, etc. Instead of Siri’s “voice” it would be cool to have Majel Barrett Rodenberry’s voice barking out replies back to you.

    1. A true Trekkie will remember how Captain Kirk shut down the Androids:

      Captain Kirk: “Siri, Everything I say is a lie”. “Siri, I am lying”.

      Siri: “But if everything you say is a lie, then you can’t be lying, you must be telling the truth, but if you are telling the truth, then you can’t be lying…….”. crash…

      …Therefore, Trekkies shouldn’t be allowed to use Siri. Trekkies must use Android, but Android doesn’t have Siri, so Trekkies can’t use Android. Oh, no, now it’s my turn, crash……

  4. Haven’t read the Forbes piece but the name calling take on it here has to be at least as bad.

    As far as Siri goes, my wife has the iPhone and it amazes me how bad Siri still is. I have to believe it is, at this point, a negative for the platform.

  5. I believe MDN missed the server farm in Hong Kong, China. I am sure that Apple is building other billion dollar server farms in China and other continents that are not made public yet. Apple has invested and developed the fuel cells and solar farms technology required to run these server farms where power is regularly disrupted.

    No other company is doing this at the level Apple is and no reporter or analyst will look into this because they are still trying to trash Apple. And Apple stands there taking the beating and not defending themselves or their investors.

    1. The companies that will be hurt will be the ones LIKE GOOGLE that live of the ads. Siri doesn’t read or report on ads so Google and the others get NOTHING on any Siri search!

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