Apple Store“At Apple Inc.’s May 10 annual shareholder meeting, a series of proposals were presented for voting after which CEO Steve Jobs answered a series of questions from the audience,” Daniel Eran reports for RoughlyDrafted.

“As has been the case over the last three years, a large portion of the questions and comments from the audience were presented by environmental groups who attended to present issues related to green conscious, non-toxic manufacturing goals along with e-waste takeback and recycling programs,” Eran reports.

“Many of the other questions presented related to Apple’s stock options backdating issues,” Eran reports.

“A member of the audience questioned Jobs on Apple’s relatively low figure of reinvestment in R&D, saying that he felt the company was missing low handing fruit with new product opportunities, particularly with the delay of Leopard. Jobs responded, ‘I wish it was just a matter of writing checks. If it was just a matter of spending money, Microsoft would deliver good products,'” Eran reports.

“Another commenter asked about Apple’s plans for the iPhone going forward, prompting Jobs to pull an iPhone out of his front pocket and describe the vast potential market for mobile phones. Jobs said that compared to the music player and PC markets, the much larger mobile phone market presented a critical opportunity for the company, despite it being an entirely new venture for Apple,” Eran reports.

“Frequently making humorous asides during the question and answer session, Jobs’ made light of the the dollar salary he is assigned, quipping ‘I get 50 cents just for showing up. And 50 cents for my performance,'” Eran reports.

Full article with much more, including Eran’s questions to Jobs (One of which was: How about selling an inexpensive Tiger for developing countries and regular-priced Leopard for the rest of us?), here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Twilightmoon” and “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]