“Samsung stumbled last week in a sexist Broadway style product introduction that revealed the mobile king’s limitations,” Jonathan Littman writes for The Huffington Post. “While reviewers listed the gee-whiz features of the latest Galaxy phone, the Associated Press summed up many by concluding, ‘the phone has a grab bag of features that don’t come together as a pleasing whole.’ Slate was more direct: ‘”Samsung Unveils New Phone Packed With Inane Features You’ll Never Use.'”

“How quickly the international technology tides shift,” Littman writes. “Samsung’s long hyped mobile phone juggernaut, driven by solid technology, low prices, Apple mimicry, Google’s generosity, and a bloated advertising campaign suddenly looks vulnerable.

“This was the mega Galaxy introduction that was going to devastate the Apple orchard,” Littman writes. “Instead, Samsung is starting to resemble Microsoft, unable to distinguish between feature creep and genuine innovation. ‘It’s more like Samsung is throwing a bunch of technologies into the phone to see what sticks,’ wrote the Associated Press. Added Slate: ‘a cautionary tale about what happens when you confuse gimmicky with innovation.’ … Last week Samsung whiffed with the whole world watching. Now it’s Apple’s turn at bat. Only a fool would count them out.”

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