Apple poised to ride tablet market higher

“Tablets are the new norm. The mere mention of tablet computing will, in most, elicit the knee-jerk reaction of praise for Apple’s iPad,” Maxwell Fisher writes for The Motley Fool. “Since the launch of the first version in 2010, the domination of the tablet market has been largely based on the hitherto unmatched combination of cost-effectiveness and high functionality.”

“Companies such as Google and Microsoft have launched their own products, and are furiously trying to set the new standard for tablet computing. While I see this as beneficial for both, I believe Apple will continue to stay ahead because of the superiority of the product, and its culture of creativity and innovation,” Fisher writes. “The main fight is against Apple’s efficiency. With iTunes and the ability for users to purchase music, movies, TV shows, and educational content, Apple is giving its customers a one-stop shop. Buy, download, sync, and take everything with you. If one adds the App Store to that equation, Apple is the epitome of convenience.”

Fisher writes, “The stock [AAPL] is now trading around $455, up nearly 10% from the March 4 low. I believe it will continue this upward trajectory as tablet sales steadily rise.”

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  1. I saw a man using a BlackBerry Playbook a couple of days ago and I asked him why.

    He said it was free and he can surf the net, fairly well, over WiFi with it.

    That is the iPad’s Achilles Heel. When Google, Samsung, Microsoft et al start to give away tablets to everyone, iPads sales will be in big trouble.

    Until then, the competition is screwed.

    1. iPad sales will only be in trouble if Apple ceases to further innovate the tablet, justifying its premium price tag over competitors. If Tim Cook decides he must compete by also giving away tablets for free, THEN iPad sales will be in trouble because it means producing junk that loyal customers like me will not buy.

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