“Samsung was on a tremendous winning streak over the last year or so. It way outspent Apple on marketing, effectively hitting the company while it was down,” Ken Segall blogs for Observatory. “It had a monster hit with the Galaxy S III. It was hailed by many as ‘the new leader in innovation.'”

“And it was all set to be anointed the king of smartphones with an epic unveiling of the Galaxy S4 at Radio City Music Hall last week,” Segall writes. “But the next day, there wasn’t a lot of anointing going on.”

Segall writes, “First was the event itself. Even the Samsung fans were cringing when it was over. It felt like a third-world version of the Oscars, with not-so-funny comedy and a generous helping of sexism tossed in for effect… And then there is the Galaxy S4 itself… Better get crackin’ on something truly revolutionary.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Galaxy S3 was such a “monster hit” that it came in third place after Apple’s market-dominating iPhone 5 and the second-place older model iPhone 4S. It’s quite telling that this is what constitutes a “monster hit” for Apple also-rans. And the only people who would hail Samsung as the “the new leader in innovation” are the terminally stupid.

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