“It doesn’t matter if we buy them less often, we’re all going to continue to buy smartphones,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “The congregation of loyal iPhone users will continue to grow, which means Apple’s biggest challenge isn’t mobile – it’s Mac.”

“Apple has a huge opportunity,” Evans writes. “Over a third of all the Windows PCs on the planet are running a version of the Microsoft OS that is about to die a cold and lonely death, Windows 7.”

“Apple sold 18.21 million Macs in its 2018 financial year, generating around $25.484 billion in revenue,” Evans writes. “There are approximately 642 million PCs in use worldwide that use Windows 7, and all of these will need to be upgraded in the next 12 months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why not get a quality personal computer, that’ll last many years and save you much frustration, an also run all of the world’s software, not just a mere subset?

A lower total cost of ownership, a much more pleasant experience (every hour of every day), quality industrial design, security, privacy, and the ability to run any operating system and skip effortlessly between them. Only Macintosh offers this.

We’d love to see Apple really advertise the Mac again and properly explain “Why Mac” to the great unwashed.

Get a Mac!

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