Apple launches new $129 battery cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

“Apple has been rumored to be working on battery cases for its latest iPhone XR and XS models for a while, and today, seemingly out of nowhere, the company has made those cases available for purchase on the Apple Store website, as spotted by Joanna Stern on Twitter,” Chaim Gartenberg reports for The Verge.

“The new battery cases are available for all three of Apple’s 2018 iPhone models for $129, regardless of whether you’re choosing one for an iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR,” Gartenberg reports. “The cases will also be offered in both black and white silicon designs, and still feature Apple’s distinctive battery hump that it introduced with its earlier battery cases too, albeit with a more tapered design.”

Apple's all-new iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case
Apple’s all-new iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case

Gartenberg reports, “Apple is promising dramatically better battery life, with up to 21 hours of internet use on the XS, 20 hours on the XS Max, and 22 hours on the XR (up from 12 hours, 13 hours, and 15 hours of internet use respectively without the battery case.)”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’s a much better-looking design by having the edges of the battery plateau meet with the sides and bottom of the case than Apple’s previous Smart Battery Case which sported a rather hideous square that seemed tacked on like an afterthought.

Apple's old iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case
Apple’s old iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case


  1. I prefer the symmetry of the old case… and I like the battery case.

    It is a somewhat rare case of function over form. The battery case was designed NOT to block the antenna and in facts served to boost the antenna. One of the problems of other battery cases is that they block the antenna, so the phone actually uses more juice trying to get through the case, thus defeating the purpose of USING a battery case.

    In addition, most battery cases put the phone in plugged in mode, meaning the phone would act at full power in many cases like checking mail all the time or running background processes more often.

    The Apple cases was smarter than that.

    Most of the reviewers on YouTube who gave it bad reviews were all using the battery case 6 months later, when this kind of news filtered out. It simply was the best case out there.

    1. Another cool thing about using these cases is that you get a ton less wear on the Lightning port on your iPhone, which is important if you don’t get a new one every 1/2 years. I’ve had older iPhone ports wear badly and become unreliable after a couple years of use.

  2. The original case is great. I still have it on my iPhone 7.
    Apple even replaced the first one (Red) because the battery was funky.
    It’s actually the most usable case I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot. Also, it discharges first, then the iPhone, in case you want to dump it or use another one, leaving the iPhone charged.
    Battery widget also shows the charge % which is nicer than most models’ LEDs.
    And of course it’s Lightning, not Micro-USB…
    I was waiting on this (rumors) before getting an Xs Max. Thanks Apple.

  3. Ordered mine online yesterday and it arrived TONIGHT….
    Got it for the iPhone Xs Max.
    Had one of these for my 7 and 8…they worked great.

    This new model is basically great like the original model. Same functions, case charging yellow and green lights, same install with the top part of the case that bends back slightly so your iphone slides down into the case on to the lightning plug. Obviously the bigger phone and battery pack makes it heavier. You willlll never run out of juice with this case.

    FYI….the case does work for wireless Q charging on the Apple wireless chargers. You can place the unoccupied case on the charger and it will charge normally, but with the phone in the case the wireless works to charge normally as well. Frankly no reason to take the case off unless there is a problem with it.

    Suggestion- for the super power iPhone user you could get an extra case to leave on the wireless charger or the old lightning cable and simply swap out the cases as workload dictates.

    Frankly most users will get all the power they need from the battery case no matter what the work load.
    Bottom line- if you liked your 7/8 Apple battery case you will love this case on your Xs phone.
    Just my 2c

    1. Follow up— As stated the Apple BatteryCase works great.
      I found the weight to be an issue for my purposes and have put the old silicone case back on and now simply keep the BatteryCase charged and in my brief case when needed.

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