“While macOS Mojave brings lots of great new features, it also retires some,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost

“The Mail stationery templates are gone,” Rosenzweig writes. “Cover Flow view has been replaced with Gallery View in the Finder. Integration with Facebook and other social networks is gone, most likely for privacy reasons.”

“Back to My Mac has been retired, but all sharing functions like Screen Sharing and File Sharing remain,” Rosenzweig writes. “Warnings that 32-bit apps will soon no longer work with macOS are just warnings, however. Those old apps still work in Mojave.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thanks, Apple!

Apple should excise the Facebook cancer from being included by default in their products. If users want to add Facebook to their sharing capabilities, they should be able to do so, but Zuckerberg’s POS privacy-trampling perversion should not the built into Apple’s products as it is wholly incompatible with Apple’s unwavering stance on protecting users’ privacy.MacDailyNews, April 2, 2018

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