What is missing in Apple’s macOS Mojave?

“While macOS Mojave brings lots of great new features, it also retires some,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost

“The Mail stationery templates are gone,” Rosenzweig writes. “Cover Flow view has been replaced with Gallery View in the Finder. Integration with Facebook and other social networks is gone, most likely for privacy reasons.”

“Back to My Mac has been retired, but all sharing functions like Screen Sharing and File Sharing remain,” Rosenzweig writes. “Warnings that 32-bit apps will soon no longer work with macOS are just warnings, however. Those old apps still work in Mojave.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thanks, Apple!

Apple should excise the Facebook cancer from being included by default in their products. If users want to add Facebook to their sharing capabilities, they should be able to do so, but Zuckerberg’s POS privacy-trampling perversion should not the built into Apple’s products as it is wholly incompatible with Apple’s unwavering stance on protecting users’ privacy.MacDailyNews, April 2, 2018

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  1. Amazing. No development on the Mac platform for years and they take features out.

    I think its time for a serious project to Macify Linux and dump Apple.

  2. The thing that irks me about 32-bit app support excision is this. In 2005, a brand new Mac was capable of supporting most software released in 1984 on the very first Mac. That’s 20 years of backward compatibility.

    Of course in 2006, Classic apps had to be dropped because of the Intel shift, but the support for PowerPC binaries was really well handled.

    Dropping Rosetta was not well explained with the release of Lion (despite it being an add-on in SL), and I have seen zero explanation as to why 32-bit support needs to be dropped too.

    What options have we got for legacy Mac app support after this? Run SL in a VM?

    1. Rosetta was licensed to Apple and they dropped the license for use with any future operating systems and Apple felt they offered a sufficient transition period. Use Parallels Desktop and Snow Leopard Server to run old PPC software like AppleWorks and MacLink Plus.

  3. Mojave is the worst update i’ve ever had.
    1 – No templates for mail (stationary) which i used to email different clients for work with templates for individual clients. Can’t do that now! Hell Thunderbird Mail has a simple effective template setup, why can’t apple keep there’s!
    2 – Most apps are taking longer to load, some don’t work anymore or they crash. Draft Sight doesn’t work, Blender crashes and loads for a long time during modelling never did before.
    3- Internet connections are dropping out. NordVPN crashes, and the App store always says no connection retry?
    It seems Apple is moving away from be a Work & Play OS to being a Play only OS. More emoji’s with this update, great. 🙁
    I have a new iMacPro 3.2 IntelXeon 32GB Ram RadeonProVega 56 and everything was good/great up until I went to Mojave, now it feels at times like I brought an old red brick for $7000 AUD and I’ve been stabbed in the back.
    Also just brought my son a new PC for school a Lenovo Yoga 730-2U, after using my sons Yoga touch why would anybody ever need to by a MacPro? The Touch Bar! Ha Ha Ha….

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