“A decade after Tesla announced the Model S, and six years after its delivery, no other company has been able to produce anything comparable,” Vivek Wadhwa writes for VentureBeat. “The big automotive manufacturers are claiming they will soon eat Tesla’s lunch, but even the strongest offerings — those of BMW and Mercedes — are merely souped-up cassette players trying to compete with an iPod.”

“Tesla learned the hard way the intricacies of combining legacy automotive technologies with modern software — through trial and error and constant delay. It also struggled to automate production. Using advanced robots, however, it has finally figured out how to build an astonishing 6,000 cars per week, some in a tent,” Wadhwa writes. “Now, as Tesla struggles with its cash balances, extremely negative press, and Elon Musk’s erratic tweets, it is at another crossroads and, in order to reach its potential, needs a strategic partner. It may not make sense for it to continue as a public company.”

“Tesla would provide Apple with an entirely new set of technology platforms on which it could build a new line of products,” Wadhwa writes. “Apple desperately needs these in order to sustain its trillion-dollar market capitalization; after the release of the iPhone, in 2007, it has had virtually no world-changing products.”

MacDailyNews Take: Puleeze. The least “desperate” compmay in the solar system is Apple Inc. Apple’s Services business alone are more than enough to sustain woefully undervalued Apple’s trillion-dollar market cap. “Virtually no world-changing products” since 2007? Get real: iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods, to name just three.

“I’ll bet that Musk would take an offer that solved his financial problems and gave him autonomy,” Wadhwa writes. “With the headaches of funding and quarterly stock pressure taken away, the world’s greatest innovator would be free to develop world-changing ideas that transform entire industries, including automotive, energy, and space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wadhwa sounds like someone who’s heavily invested in Tesla and is desperately looking for a way out of crazytown.

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