“It’s a strange situation: according to research firm Asymco, the world’s most successful watchmaker is Apple, with 2017 revenues eclipsing Rolex,” Alex Doak reports for Wired UK.

Strange, because Apple isn’t a watchmaker per se (whether you consider the Apple Watch a ‘watch’ is a different conversation). But even stranger because Apple wasn’t even making watches until three years ago. One could also argue the smartwatch sector was lacklustre and in danger of stalling before the arrival of Apple’s entrant, which in effect legitimised the market,” Doak reports. “Whatever your feelings about it, there’s no ignoring the fact the Apple Watch is everywhere.”

“It should have come as no surprise, then, that traditional watchmakers – sniffing a potential replay of the devastating effect cheap Far Eastern quartz technology wrought back in the Seventies – were eager to join the gold rush to horology’s newest frontier,” Doak reports. “Now that rush is over, with the histrionics subsequently easing up, and the smartwatch firmly entrenched as a standalone category at the lower end, from Armani to Timex.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple won the smartwatch market long ago, regardless of the number of weak attempts by traditional watchmakers to make their own “smartwatches.” Apple Watch easily outsells all of the wannabes combined. As of calendar Q417, Asymco estimated Apple Watch cumulative sales of 40 million units and revenue of $14.3 billion.

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