Facebook and Apple disagree on how to curb ‘fake news’ for U.S. Midterms

“Last week, Apple launched a human-curated political news section to help readers steer clear of falsehoods surrounding the midterms,” Riley Griffin reports for Bloomberg. “The company’s announcement reignited a fiery debate with Facebook about whether tech giants should hire people to curate news or rely on algorithms instead.”

“pple has used human editors to curate news content in ‘Top News’ and other specialized sections since the application first launched in 2015, and said it will continue to do so for the midterm elections news section. The company uses a combination of human editors and machine learning to manage more tailored content in personalized feeds for users,” Griffin reports. “‘News was kind of going a little crazy,’ said Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook at the recent Fortune CEO Initiative, subtly referring to Facebook’s struggle with the foreign actors such as Russia, profiteers and bots that took advantage of its News Feed algorithms for financial and political gain during the presidential election. ‘We felt the top stories should be selected by humans,’ Cook said.”

“But human editors and algorithms can display repetitive patterns of behavior when curating the news, warned Pete Brown, the author of a June study published by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism that examined Apple News’ editorial decisions on Twitter and in newsletters,” Griffin reports. “‘Humans, like algorithms, are prone to habit,’ Brown wrote. ‘Apple News may have fallen into a pattern that Facebook and others have been trying to avoid: editorial bias.'”

MacDailyNews Note: See: Editorial bias: Apple News’s human editors prefer a few major newsrooms, study shows – June 6, 2018

“Among other attempts to curb misinformation, Facebook recently announced the expansion of its fact-checking operation and the creation of new automated “Breaking News” labels for quality content. Media critics and journalists take issue with what they deem Facebook’s lack of transparency,” Griffin reports. “‘Algorithmic transparency is basically nonexistent,’ Brown said. ‘We know very little about how these black boxes curate news.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One man’s fake is another man’s fact. Good luck, Apple et al. You’re going to need it!

Once again, do not solely trust Apple News. Do not trust any single gatekeeper.

The best way to consume so-called “news” is to cast a wide net.

As always, readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening. — MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015

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  1. This sounds like the plot lines from Season 4 of Halt and Catch Fire. In that TV series, the algorithm based company eventually won even though the humanly curated stuff had better results.

        1. Well said and I’ll second that. Just another personal attack I suspect from a regular poster hiding under an instantly created screen name. How LOW some people go … 😠

        2. Extremists of any creed are unwelcome. The worst political offenders on this forum, would not include applecynic. Applecynic is just here to make the blind fanboys annoyed, and he succeeds in that role.

          The worst political asswipes know who they are, and will reveal themselves with off-topic, partisan, fact-free rants and tons of cut&paste BS that is critical of particular people or group of people based on absolutist ideology and disparaging labels instead of rational thought. If MDN had moderators, they would remove the political BS from the site, but they only selectively remove a few posts from the extremists of one side of the spectrum.

          1. “Extremists of any creed are unwelcome. The worst political offenders on this forum, would not include applecynic.”

            How nice, fellow political support. Yes, he does annoy the fanboys and is spot on. And yes, I used “cut&paste” from your post.

            “The worst political asswipes”

            Stereotype much? Seem to recall several of your posts denigrating President Trump. But hey, learned decades ago fairness from the left is rare and hypocrisy is rampant.

            “If MDN had moderators, they would remove the political BS from the site”

            BS or factual it’s called freedom of speech. Sorry that bothers you.

            “but they only selectively remove a few posts from the extremists of one side of the spectrum.”

            And what side would that be?

            You called me “uncivil” yesterday. Again, a quote from you: “The worst political asswipes.”

            You CALL THAT CIVIL?

            Nuff said …

          2. Thank you, I think… 😉
            But I cannot separate ideology from who I am, and much of that is political. Definitely liberal, with a dose of self determinism. Apple gets in the way of that, on both points. If that annoys fanboys, oh well.

            Nonetheless, your good intentions do not go unnoticed and a sincere thank you is offered.

  2. Let’s not fall into the trap of using terms like “Fake News’ when what we’re really talking about is either flat-out lies or the suppression of truths regarded as inconvenient.

    If a news source, organisation or person resorts to telling lies or seriously distorting truth, then they are nothing other than a liar and what they subsequently have to say becomes meaningless. When a liar gets away with dismissing true news as fake news, we’ve got into an Alice in Wonderland situation.

    I’m the first to acknowledge that there are often shades of grey and for many stories there is a spectrum which could reasonably be regarded as the truth, but we have seen far too many examples recently of complete lies being circulated or obvious truth being wilfully discredited. That’s a very dangerous situation if it becomes normalised.

    Strong people can deal with the truth. Weak people need to be shielded from the truth and only be told what they want to hear. Prejudiced people want their prejudices re-enforced while ignorant people don’t want to bothered with challenging stories.

    I would rather receive accurate and intelligent news a little later, once it has been checked for accuracy than to receive instantly circulated news which turns out to be false.

    One of the things I love about Apple News is that it gathers it’s news from a wide selection of sources which makes it much easier to get a balanced view of what’s really going on in the world. I still wish that it were a little more truly international with it’s news sources. Getting more news from sources other than western, first world countries would be a very welcome improvement and would allow readers to get a better perspective on what’s happening.

    1. News today, as always, is influenced by the moneyed elites who have a vested interest in creating a fearful, dependent, gullible public. You can find positive media if you look for it.

      There is never a good excuse to stick your head in the sand. A citizen must stay alert. We must employ a professional press corps to blast the corrupt power brokers with the full power of transparency so their dirty dealings are revealed for all to see. We cannot allow further media consolidation into the hands of foreign nationals with obvious political motives (Murdoch), destroy local news and legacy media like radio, and we cannot let newspapers become the playthings of rich elites.

      One can tune out the sensationalist personality and narrative-drivel and turn on real educational and informative sources. Otherwise, you will have no basis from which to form your views. It’s obvious that on this site, some people have extremely narrow views, which betrays their poor choice of educational material.

      “An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.” Thomas Jefferson

      “The aspirations of democracy are based on the notion of an informed citizenry, capable of making wise decisions. The choices we are asked to make become increasingly complex. They require the longer-term thinking and greater tolerance for ambiguity that science fosters. The new economy is predicated on a continuous pipeline of scientific and technological innovation. It can not exist without workers and consumers who are mathematically and scientifically literate.”
      Ann Druyan

      “Widespread public access to knowledge, like public education, is one of the pillars of our democracy, a guarantee that we can maintain a well-informed citizenry.”
      Scott Turow

      1. “News today, as always, is influenced by the moneyed elites who have a vested interest in creating a fearful, dependent, gullible public.”

        Just who would be the “moneyed elites?” Soros or Murdoch, left or right? The media is a business.

        They are not slave owners first indoctrinating you in fear, dependency and stupidity — then chaining you to buy their subscriptions for life, sheesh.

        “You can find positive media if you look for it.”

        What is “positive media” and where can I subscribe?

        “A citizen must stay alert.”

        Right. I am totally alert to your OPINION piece rife with leftist stereotypes and no facts.

        “We must employ a professional press corps to blast the corrupt power brokers with the full power of transparency so their dirty dealings are revealed for all to see.”

        Totally AGREE with your idealism, but unfortunately the press corp in the real world does not work that way. Have you ever heard the journalism term “sacred cow?” The Executive Editor of the newsroom and the media owner may or may not share the same politics, but they keep an eye on each other on every page and every broadcast. Are you aware both positions can bury stories simply because they don’t like them or want to protect those they do like. Owning the business they have a right to do whatever they want and no one can stop them (First Amendment). Again, nice thought but it doesn’t work that way in the real world.

        You do a great job with your constructive critiques of Apple. I sense you might be out of your league here — opinion and idealism will not get it done. Fake news forever and nothing will stop it.

        Enjoyed the quotes …

  3. To me it is very simple (in my mind)-

    1) News organizations should be verified as actual news agency, be it paper, radio, web, TV. (this doesn’t mean your’s or my version of a news source, just one that actually hires people to find and report news).

    2) A check system whereby if a news agency reports news that MANY find verifiably FALSE (not your opinion of reality) then they are allowed only so many in a period (honest mistakes do happen) and retraction have to be given one level of importance MORE than the original mistake (no burying it in the ‘C’ Section….wait-)

    3) News aggregators are only allowed one level of reference, in other words it can’t be a link to a link to a link to the original story. Also the linked source headline HAS to reflect original article’s intent if not exact same words.

    This is just a rough idea and no, absolutely no government involvement, only interested parties like Apple, GOOGLE, FaceBook and so on should work out a set of standards.

    What about opinion pieces? They aren’t news.

    And yes, I know most of these organizations are left leaning if not FAR left leaning but a high percent of their customers are moderate to right leaning and they have a duty to report articles that are total BS just as the left side should.

    1. I was with you until you started talking about left leaning and right leaning. Honest news should be independent of those terms, but of course when it comes to opinion pieces, so long as the piece is clearly labelled as opinion rather than news, bias is perfectly acceptable because opinions usually have an element of bias. Opinions are not news and must never be passed off as news.

      However I have long held the opinion that the left / right divide is not a straight line, but more like a circle which meets up round the back. The extreme left and extreme right are closer to each other than they are to the centre. On the world stage, we now see leaders who claim to represent the right cosying up with communists in Russia and North Korea while spurning countries which have shared common values for decades and which are broadly on the political right or centre.

      1. The left leaning organization I was referring to are Apple, GOOGLE and FaceBook, not necessarily the news outlets.

        However, even then it is kind of utopian to think news outlets aren’t bent one direction or another. Doesn’t mean they can’t report factually and still have an opinion section like many great newspapers USED to do….

        And as far as the world stage, to paraphrase Don Rumsfeld, you go to the world stage with the leaders you are given (terrible bastardization I know). I believe once this round of trade discussions are over we will feel more like our friends like us for more than just what we surrender to them. To the point of North Korea, I don’t see us ‘cozying up’ so much as threatening their existence until they came to the bargaining table, same approach with Iran except it is through economic destruction instead of militarily.

        With regard to Russia, we are now much tougher on them than at anytime in the previous 8 years despite what the collusion claim is. Until there is any evidence of collusion and as long as we check them each move they make, I have a hard time seeing how we are helping them (the latest move being to lower oil prices).

      2. “Extreme Left” and “Extreme Right”, you left out somebody… the Extreme Media, and we know the majority of the time which side of the Left/Right spectrum they side with and it shows in their work. If I had a nickel for every time I heard something along the lines of this from our brave journalists when Republicans are in power, ‘why don’t you work with the minority Democrats?’ but when the Democrats are in power you hear this, ‘minority Republicans, why don’t you work with the Democrats?’, I’d have enough money to buy half a dozen iMac Pros! Honestly, when was the last time you heard a reporter questioning Democratic politicians why they were not working with the Republicans. Or take an issue like Guns vs Abortion. How much press coverage was positive on the Second Amendment, the NRA or Trump after Parkland? Instead we were treated to reporters showing their ignorance of firearms and gun terms as they promoted the Left and the David Hogg ban guns tirade. Then look at the Dr. Gosnell trial during Obama’s time in office and only local new covered it. We heard this from the mainstream media, “As The Washington Times’ Valerie Richardson reported on Monday: “Not every murder trial receives prominent national coverage.”” No shame from the media. Do you think the media would have ignored Parkland as a local event that not every shooting receives prominent national coverage? Now fast forward to today and Trump has another SCOTUS vacancy that a Republican will pick and Abortion becomes the mainstay of the Left base, politicians and reporters all aligned together to ensure Roe v Wades survival. The press never does any hit pieces on the barbarity of abortion or ask if it is time to revisit that issue. They’ll promote the anger of ICE and “the separation of families” but never ‘the separation of baby limbs’. Instead, it’s settled, just like Climate Change. However, if you did a poll nationwide, I bet you’d be looking at a near 50/50 split in attitude. Just like Climate Change, I wouldn’t call that “settled”.

        This is why I won’t hold my breath of Apple’s “human-curated political news section to help readers steer clear of falsehoods surrounding the midterms”. Let alone trusting Fakebook and the people who programmed their algorithms. I mean, who are these people doing the curating?

        1. When I moved to rural Central Texas in the 1970s, our major local game bird was the Mourning Dove. Whitewings were down around San Antonio. Today, whitewings dominate completely because both species have shifted their ranges well over 150 miles north in just four decades. Somebody needs to get all those damn birds to stop reading the fake news about climate change!

          1. I guess in all the tens of thousands of years these birds have existed the only time this has ever occurred was during your short life span.

            How scientific….

            1. Not only that, species have been migrating, thriving, declining and dying for thousands of years because of NATURAL climate change. But don’t tell that to TXuser, it interferes with his leftist agenda …

            2. My point was that climate change isn’t an invention of the liberal media, but is obvious to any reasonably observant person. It isn’t just doves in Central Texas. The range of almost all species from animals and plants to bacteria has been moving poleward at a rate that simply does not fall within the range of natural variation over the last many millennia. So, yes, this is the only time this has ever occurred.

              Observed temperatures are rising at not only an unprecedented rate, but an accelerating rate. Indirect temperature measurements from things like ice deposits, tree rings, and isotope fixation again indicate that the temperature rise is the most rapid at least since the end of the last Ice Age, and possibly ever.

              The simplest explanation for this is that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are at their highest in at least 800,000 years. The “greenhouse effect” wasn’t named until about a century age, but it was identified a century before that and experimentally verified by the 1880s. The recent rapid rise in CO2 levels is well outside the natural range of variation, but does correlate pretty closely with the amount of coal and other fossil fuels being burned.

              Yes, that is scientific and no, it isn’t leftist.

            3. Yes, and my point is most reasonable people agree there is climate change and that it has happened many times before.

              Where we part ways is the view of the Left that it is completely man-made, and in fairness there might be a good chance of this.

              HOWEVER, when passing off ideas as scientific, it should not be necessary to manipulate the media to dupe one person against another and this is EXACTLY what has happened along with many findings of rigged material and emails to further a belief rather than facts. The same tactics have been used before to sell a shitty national health care system, the Russian collusion crap and almost any other claim the Left INSIST we believe.

              So if you want to truly understand why so many on the right are skeptical, it is NOT because of religion or Big Oil, it is because of the layer upon layer of BS used to push this ‘fact’ rather than reason alone.

              You back someone in a corner with a knife and claim you just want to help them, consider they might not trust you for that.

        2. Awesome post.

          You pointed out a litany of SOP biased media practices that favor Democrats. You listed many, but this is my fav:

          “from our brave journalists when Republicans are in power, ‘why don’t you work with the minority Democrats?’ but when the Democrats are in power you hear this, ‘minority Republicans, why don’t you work with the Democrats?’”


          This is my parallel construction fav as the midterms approach. Get ready for the biased media onslaught to report endlessly on how Democrats can regain control of Congress. But when Democrats control Congress, how many stories do you read how Republicans can regain control?

          Nuff said …

  4. NEWS is entertainment. If you don’t like what you get, turn the channel — or turn it off. Believing you need most NEWS to make you happy or productive or wise, is the only real fake-news. Before you dismiss this idea as whacko, give it a little out-of-the-box thought. The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  5. The late 70’s and 80’s brought into existence the idea that we all are the same and equal, but did not explain the full meaning of that. Today, we have a large number of people fully embracing socialism because of their childhood and teenage education. It is good that we want all to be the same and equal in every every way, but what is not understood is that socialism and communism takes the heart and soul out of creativity. There is no way around it. Stalin, HItler, Mao Tse Tung, and many others thought they were on the road to utopia for the world.

    The most socialist and communist countries have their own artist and creative inventors but they are very few and far between. Medical advancements, free thinking that doesn’t cap capitalists, inventors, innovators and adventurists do not exist on the same level in socialist and communist countries.

    Real news is repressed in socialism and banned in communism. America is moving to McCarthyism against free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

    Aristotle would be banned in some areas of the USA with his famous quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” This certainly is not true today.

    Another Aristotle Quote: “It is Homer who chiefly taught other poets the art of telling lies skillfully.”

    1. Nobody truly believes that everyone is the same and equal. You paint a black & white world that doesn’t exist.

      The countries and people you label as socialist simply have a more comprehensive safety net so that the standard of living for all people within the nation remains high. It prevents the dramatic wealth disparity that the USA has.

      Real news is not suppressed by socialism, which is merely one of many economic models. You are conflating fascism with socialism. I recommend you study the concepts more.

      The USA from its earliest existence relied on socialist mechanisms to function: libraries, militias, town commons, etc are all forms of people sharing so that everyone, rich or poor, has equal access to resources.

      I suppose you think it’s evil that your taxpayer dollars fund a government that had the gall to do stuff like the ADA law, heaven forbid that regulations would force buildings to be accessible to handicapped folks. Shouldn’t we just lock out people with disabilities and save you any need to support social justice?

      Careful about your labels, my friend. It’s obvious you play fast and loose with the realities.

      1. In the real world of socialist politicians, the rhetoric is usually aimed to level everything out as you said:” The countries and people you label as socialist simply have a more comprehensive safety net so that the standard of living for all people within the nation remains high. It prevents the dramatic wealth disparity that the USA has.”

        From 70+ years living in this world and more than 1/3 overseas, I have heard the ideologies and you do a great job in describing it. There is one problem with socialism as you portray it – in the long run a political divide will occur, creativity & inventions (new ideas, medical research etc) decline as the motivation for advancements is taken away – usually related to money for the most part. Socialism permits this but the reality is it handicaps it.

        Socialist countries that you mentioned and medical advancements for better and long health is strongly dependent upon free societies (capitalism / republics / democracies) where people can gain from their research, inventions and hard work. Sure socialism allows people to make some financial progress, but the creativity that drives inventions, discoveries and research is squashed. Not from socialism itself, but from killing the spirit, the soul of the individual.

        The Japanese are a prime example. (I spent a major portion of my overseas time in Japan, but did considerable travel in other countries, and not as a tourist.) Much of their society is built around a socialist culture even though the call it a democracy. They have many sayings:1. “We Japanese”, Japanese are not “individual minded” but Group Minded. We Japanese! Yappari, Nihonjin. 2. Another expression: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” Fit into the society, don’t stand out.” And in my work among the Japanese people, I learned that geniuses are pushed down so that they won’t stick out. I enjoyed my time in Japan and have many Japanese friends but I watched for 20+ years what happens to a people when the brightest are held back for one reason or another.

        Socialism in its quest for “equality” does this in reality. Yes I will grant you that you can say that I label things, but not for the reasons you may think. Your observations are from temporary idealisms that you see in the moment. In the long run, it doesn’t work that way. When the brightest, most energetic, entrepreneural spirit among them have their drive and motivation squashed, held back and put down, then the idealism of socialism diminishes.

        As to the news, you haven’t been where I have been for years on end. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it does squash news, unless you enjoy socialism and that is what you will see and to your eyes, it appears open. Socialism is not communism by any means and in the socialist societies that I have frequented, they are nice. But there just seems to be something missing.

        1. Mike’s post is based on idealism and leftist stereotypes. Refreshing to read your post based on real life experiences and not opinion. Enlightening and a world of difference.

          I posted a response to you earlier, but for some reason it posted near the end …

      2. These countries may not be TRUE Socialist states but neither are they as successful as portrayed simply because they rely on the U.S. for so much. Yes, I just said that.

        Also race has a LOT to do with it.
        Now before you get all giddy with the racist remarks I am not saying because it is of a PARTICULAR race, just that ANY country that is made up MOSTLY of the same race has a much more stable nature (of course their are exceptions).

        So when anybody wants to throw around the silly notion that many on the right don’t recognize the role of socialism in a capitalist state, you have to be careful my friend because we know the Constitution CALLS for certain forms of state-provided services.

        Knowing where to draw the line, and even more importantly UNDERSTANDING why the line is drawn and the consequences of going beyond that is what too many on the left fail to respect.

        Is that because of less intelligence on the Left? Less education (or too much)?
        Social upbringing? NO, it is a fundamental difference between the AMERICAN version on the Left and the Right (which varies in almost every other country).

        If there is any interest in why this is so, I’ll be glad to go into more depth.

        1. “So when anybody wants to throw around the silly notion that many on the right don’t recognize the role of socialism in a capitalist state, you have to be careful my friend because we know the Constitution CALLS for certain forms of state-provided services.”

          Explains the conservative position perfectly. Something the left does not understand.

          Happy 4th … 🇺🇸💥

  6. Don’t trust news at all.
    Facebook doesn’t use “algorithms” they use banned word list instead. When ever they find something is conservative, they ban it. if it has liberal content, they approve it no mater how fake it is or how offensive.
    Don’t trust news, trust the facts.

  7. “Apple News may have fallen into a pattern that Facebook and others have been trying to avoid: editorial bias.”

    Bottom line: When you are biased, left or right, you are INCAPABLE of detecting “fake news” whether you are tech companies using algorithms or human curated decisions OR the main stream media.

    I won’t even get into Big Tech discrimination…

    1. You know, everyone is cherry picking the parts of the Constitution that serves them.

      NRA-The 2nd above all else.
      Apple-The 4th above all else.

      Even though I am anti-NRA, mostly because of their militancy and one dimensionality, and Apple, mostly for their censorship, and self-serving aspirational bullshit, we must believe in the whole Constitution.

      Yes! Even the NRA with the 2nd Amendment. We need to fix the 2nd (or not), but it does stand. What it doesn’t do, is stand alone.

      1. “Even though I am anti-NRA, mostly because of their militancy and one dimensionality”

        But your OK with the “one dimensionality” and “militancy” of NOW, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Maxine (impeachment) and so many others?!?

        There is NOTHING to fix with the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court in the last ten years reaffirmed the rights of gun owners and you have acknowledged that fact in your post.

        So why go on, move on. You’re beginning to sound like a whiner … 😉

        1. No, I’m for changes to the 2nd, but I admit it’s the law until it’s changed. I demand to know what you’re packing, I just don’t have the right to know yet.

          You never heard me support Antifa, though I did support that POS Milos Yiannopoulos’ right to speak. Same for that dickhead Spencer.

          And yes, Trump IMO is serving in an uncompliant manner to the Constitution. That is through domestic and foreign emoluments This, without even needing to go into help from Russia, and obstruction of Justice. We can worry about possible money laundering after that.

          And don’t even get me started on his birther, crowd size, fake news bullshit. Or his vanity….

          1. “I demand to know what you’re packing”

            Ok, I demand to know where you live, where you were at 4 a.m. last night, who you are dating or married to, where you work, whether or not you paid your taxes, your credit rating, your social security number, if you are in debt, your medical condition, your mental condition, whether or not you are on welfare courtesy of John Q. taxpayer, what drugs you are on legal and illegal, the car you drive, whether or not you have a criminal record, if you have car and homeowners insurance, who you voted for, where you went to school, have you ever been fired, and I could go on and on.

            Granted some on list are public record, but most are constitutionally protected.

            I have no more right to violate your rights and privacy than you have to violate mine. Fair enough?

            As far as “packing” that mainly applies to concealed weapons, after an approved federal background check, carried into public places and government buildings. Some allow, some don’t and law abiding gun owners know the limits. Criminals are not bound by any law or your nosy pipe dream. They are the ones to fear, NOT NRA members.

            In my state there are open carry laws. That means I can put on my cowboy hat and walk out the front door with a loaded pistol in my holster in plain sight. Stroll the main street downtown and you will see exactly what I am carrying.

            Internet search: Thirty-one states allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, although in some cases the gun must be unloaded. Fifteen states require some form of license or permit in order to openly carry a handgun.

            ALL states should adopt open carry and you’ll get your wish and feel better.

            Happy 4th … 🇺🇸💥

            1. I have a concealed-carry permit. Women “need” them more than men do because we tend to carry firearms purely in defence, whereas men seem to want to carry them as an expression of their manhood. It would amuse me to see a statistical correlation of male endowment and gun ownership. It might contribute to the current reassessment of Sigmund Freud’s theory of sexual insecurity and compensation. Of course, I am joking.. I think.

            2. Good to hear and I’m sure your choice is smart, sleek, light, compact and powerful. Like you. 😉

              Because of the influx of illegals in my hometown, drug gangs and escalating murder rate — men need them for defense just as much as women. All my brothers and I pack, as well.

              Agree some men acquire them as an expression of manhood. The same small guys that buy the biggest trucks, but any guy really with that mentality.

              “It would amuse me to see a statistical correlation of male endowment and gun ownership.”

              Possibly women are more interested in the details than us men overcoming our limitations so we can strut our stuff, again. 😎

              Drill Instructor: This is my rifle! This is my gun!
              Recruits: This is for fighting! This is for fun!
              — Full Metal Jacket

              Happy 4th … 🇺🇸💥

            3. I can tell you this. We’re both sincere and both Patriotic. If I can’t have a warehouse full of chemicals (dangerous substances), say a barrel of alcohol, without a permit, I say it should appplyto guns too.

              I may already know where you live, you may be my neighbor, and it behooves me to know if you have an arsenal of weapons.

              It’s not that there aren’t legitimate questions on both sides.

              Happy 4h friend.

            4. “I may already know where you live, you may be my neighbor, and it behooves me to know if you have an arsenal of weapons.”

              There you go again. No, you have no right to my privacy for all the reasons stated in my post.

              Have a good one, friend …

  8. The biggest fake news story is the one that suggests people made voting decisions based on fake news. Fake news articles are easy to spot.

    When you start reading and article and it seems like that article is just a bit too good to be true, it probably is. I.e. If it makes you laugh, it’s probably a lie. You just know it when you’re reading them.

    If you see a headline that says something like, “Hillary Clinton message to hitman concerning killing Donna Brazil is being covered up by the FBI,” you should be laughing.

    We are not as stupid as certain people try to paint us all out to be, left or right.

    We don’t need the media policed and censored. Not even the fake media.

    If you watch comedy news shows like The Daily Now or Colbert, or and especially including John Oliver, you’re going to hear a lot of crap spit out that sounds like truth. It’s often exaggerated comedy, or out and out lies. Oliver’s famous Net Neutrality show was hilarious, but full of half truths, misinterpretation, and largely based on a political posturing understanding of what Net Neutrality meant. The thing is, it was accepted as pure NEWS. It is still sent around by people.

    These television shows can easily be considered “Fake News.”

    Over the weekend I binged a television program called “The Good Fight.” It was exquisite. It started with the best damned opening credits and theme song I have heard in ages. I still can’t get the song out of my head. It went on for two entire seasons of bashing Trump. A lot of it was made up Trump news. You often see the main character watching the news in bed and the story will clearly be a fake story about Trump keeping a pig in the White House bathroom or something, but here’s the thing. There are people who will believe it, and after two seasons of it, episode after episode, it qualifies easily in my book as “Fake News,” no matter how damned good the show is. They openly admit their whole purpose for the show is to denigrate Trump. No one bothers to hide it anymore.

    The Good Fight examines a fake news story in depth, all the while treating it like it isn’t fake. But making it out to be fake, but ultimately leaving the impression that it isn’t fake, because they appear to have the infamous Pee Pee Tape on a thumb drive. It is an extraordinary classic Hitchcock MacGuffin, and even I was left thinking it was true, when there is no evidence and they even discuss during the episode how truth is irrelevant. All that is needed is accusation.

    More people are going to believe The Daily Show and The Good Fight than believe stupid articles from news sites with names like THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE BANNER, since 1924. Or THE LIBERAL DIP STICK. TESTING THE DEPTH OF THE SWAMP SINCE 2016.

    But we will believe it when it is presented with high production values, and written by people who are damned good at their jobs, and put on television night after night.

    So think hard when you go after FaceBook for assuming you’re intelligent enough to filter out bullshit. The next target will be your favorite comedy news show or even a program as well written (though unabashedly one sided) like The Good Fight.

    It’s on CBS All Access if you haven’t seen it.

    1. Excellent points and as you pointed out people are fooled everyday by slick Hollywood production values and well written stories.

      When you have biased curators from both sides that plays a huge role, as well. The fairest minded watchdog in the world does not have the time, nor the resources, to VET all stories because the sources are protected and confidential in journalism. Explains how very few swamp leakers get caught.

      After Congress embarrassed Fakebook and others this is an attempt to placate and appease detractors and protect business interests. That will probably please the twitter trigger left, but us independent conservatives know it doesn’t amount to much more than show.

      What happens when a conservative source story is labeled as Fake News by Apple and turns out to be true? Or the flip side of the coin.

      “Fake News” has been with us for centuries and absolutely no way to stop it. Just put it ALL out there and let readers and viewers judge for themselves.

      The headline says it all about the effort: “Facebook and Apple disagree on how to curb ‘fake news’ for U.S. Midterms”

      It simply can’t be done …

      1. “Just put it ALL out there and let readers and viewers judge for themselves.”

        In the U.K. the BBC were so afraid of being seen to be biased that they always ensured that whenever a contentious issue was raised, somebody with an opposing point of view was also interviewed. The results were often ridiculous because sometimes we would find that obscure people whose views were borderline batshit insane were being given equal billing with experienced and renowned experts in their field.

        It’s important to publish different points of view, but it’s also important to ensure that trustworthy sources are not undermined by extremists being given an equal voice. Journalist should be able to make judgements, that’s what editing is – you feature the important parts while leaving out the dross.

        I don’t want censorship and I don’t want a free for all. I want nuanced, trustworthy and intelligent news, capable of covering a range of issues accurately, without overt bias. It’s for those reasons that I rarely watch news on TV, but read my news from a variety of international sources, many of which will have a bias which does not align with my personal views, but it’s important to hear intelligently expressed opinions countering your own in order to test your opinions and put things properly into perspective.

        1. All points well taken.

          Yes, it is batsh*t to empower an idiot for a counter opinion with an expert to feign balance. Fake news, right?

          No sane person wants censorship and not really in favor of a free for all. Just an acknowledgement it exists and I don’t see it stopped by biased curators and corporations.

          All the ideals and methods you described I agree with. Unfortunately, the left has changed journalism, not for the better. This started with the poisonous political correctness movement in the early 1990s. Wish it were different and we evolved higher, as you suggested.

          “it’s important to hear intelligently expressed opinions countering your own in order to test your opinions and put things properly into perspective.

          Absolutely. That said, the good intentioned effort the two companies cannot agree on, may do more harm than good.

          Happy 4th … 🇺🇸💥

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