“Wall Street kept its cool Tuesday, Oct. 17, after reports surfaced that Apple Inc. was in talks to acquire health clinic startup Crossover Health,” Cathaleen Chen writes for TheStreet. “Apple has long dabbled in healthcare innovation, most significantly with its Apple Watch apps to monitor health. To tech heavyweights like… Apple, the healthcare industry’s shortcomings, such as declining productivity and a shortage of physicians, can be a goldmine for investment.”

“Healthcare retail clinics, for instance, emerged more than a decade ago to offer customers the convenience of getting minor treatment without seeing a doctor. Instead, they can visit their local CVS Health CVS or Walmart Stores, Inc.,” Chen writes. “But while the number of retail clinics increased in the last decade, it has yet to prove to be both economically viable on a mass scale or disruptive in how patients receive treatment… To truly penetrate the trillion-dollar healthcare market, Apple has its work cut out.”

“NBC first reported Monday, Oct. 16, that Apple has been in talks with Crossover Health for months before the deal fell through, citing sources close to the company. Crossover Health builds onsite medical clinics for big companies, including Apple itself. Apple’s interest in retail healthcare is not new; one of the sources said its health team has looked into possibilities for over a year,” Chen writes. “It remains unclear whether Apple wants to move into the retail clinic space or develop wearable health products through Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Any additional moves Apple makes towards disruption in healthcare would be logical given that Apple Watch and Apple’s health tools (ResearchKit, CareKit, HealthKit, etc.) were born from Steve Jobs’ health issues.

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