“Apple’s commitment to running out free annual updates to its desktop operating system is to be commended,” David Ludlow writes for TrustedReviews. “It’s kept macOS looking fresh, ensuring that most people have access to the latest features and technologies. Each year, it’s hard to work out what kind of update you’re going to get – a flashy one that brings loads of changes and features you notice, or a more subdued launch where the changes are mostly under the surface.”

“This year, macOS High Sierra is firmly in the latter camp, as Apple has mostly focused on under-the-bonnet changes to get its OS ready for the future,” Ludlow writes. “That’s not to say that the changes aren’t important, but just that you may not notice a lot different going on, compared with macOS Sierra.”

Ludlow writes, “Underneath, the technological improvements, such as the new file system and external GPU support, set the operating system up for future improvements, particularly on newer hardware. As such, macOS High Sierra is an important update, even if you won’t realise its full benefit today.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: APFS. HEVC support. A Universal Clipboard that works on every device! What more could you ask for? And, yet, Apple offers much more – and all for free, too!

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