“The APFS system was announced last year WWDC. It replaces the now 30-year-old hierarchical filing system (HFS, later updated to HFS+) that, until [yesterday’s release of iOS 10.3], was on your iPhone and iPad, and still remains on your Mac,” David Sparks writes for MacSparky.

“APFS is a much needed modernization, more secure and designed around SSD storage, which didn’t even exist when HFS first showed up,” Sparks writes. “In addition to being more secure, the new system should be faster and more efficient, allowing you to save some space.”

“Following my usual “fire, ready, aim” philosophy about these things, I already updated all of my iOS devices and while the update took a while (converting a file system is never a fast process), everything went just fine and devices are all working just like before,” Sparks writes. “Indeed, I’m writing this post on my updated iPad Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: APFS coming to the Mac in lucky macOS 10.13 this fall (and, hopefully, in public beta as soon as WWDC 2017 in June)? Let’s hope so!

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