“Nine years ago I was pleased to see that Apple was starting to integrate the state-of-the-art ZFS file system into Snow Leopard Server. Even then the HFS+ file system, whose roots go back to file systems from the 60s, was a buggy mess,” Robin Harris reports for ZDNet. “But Mac ZFS never happened.”

“This month Apple introduced the bones of a new file system to its developers,” Harris reports. “The documentation says a 2017 release is planned, which means it won’t become fully supported until after MacOS 10.12.1. But the MacOS’s UNIX core is designed to make it easy to slide in new file systems, so APFS could become an option under later versions of Sierra.”

“But after a nine year wait, I’m glad to see that Apple is moving the foundation of our data into the 21st century,” Harris reports. “They’ve been far behind Windows for years now, and relief is on the way. Pro users, rejoice!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully APFS development proceeds apace. We’d love to see it appear (likely as a non-critical choice to start) in macOS Sierra 10.12.x!

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