Apple finally arms iPhone’s revolutionary 3D Touch with true purpose

“Last fall, Apple introduced 3D Touch, a feature that lets the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus detect light and firm touchscreen presses,” Brian Barrett reports for Wired. “You might also remember that event as the last time you gave 3D Touch any thought. That’s about to change.”

“By weaving 3D Touch more deeply into the fabric of iOS 10 — and specifically, making it an essential part of its lock screen — Apple finally arms potentially revolutionary feature with true purpose,” Barrett reports. “You may not use 3D Touch much today, but after iOS 10 arrives this fall, you may wonder how you lived without it.”

“3D touch is instrumental to Apple’s newly rethought lock screen, in a way that could fundamentally change how you interact with your iPhone,” Barrett reports. “Other smartphones… don’t offer the one thing that makes the iOS lock screen truly unique: 3D Touch. Until now, 3D Touch saved you the hassle of going into an app to access its features. Now it will spare you from going into your phone at all.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 3D Touch-capable iPads this fall, please!


  1. 3D Touch was amazing in terms of immediately adding up to productivity since day one: task switching with 3D Touch was a break-through.

    Media, of course, tend to go with group thinking, and they like to ignore it. With iOS 10 it will be harder for them to do, though.

  2. I have my doubts. Too many relevant devices don’t have force touch. Since they have to offer a non-force touch path to significant actions, you won’t really see a pickup on use. It will be another two cycles before we see it become main stream. By then it will seem very natural, like pinch pull to zoom.

    1. Apple loves to keep its latest technology to its conceptually newest devices. For now it is Apple Watch and iPhone 6s/Plus.

      By this autumn, though, more will come:
      1) iPhone 7s/Plus/Pro will be added to iPhone 6s/Plus;
      2) Apple Watch 2 (or: Apple Watch (late 2016)) will be added to Apple Watch;
      3) iPad mini 5, iPad Pro 2.

    1. Agreed. The only time I notice it is when it’s annoying me.

      I used to be able to press and hold to get a context menu. Now 3D touch makes that context menu much harder to acheive, as it’s always trying to go 3D instead.


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