Mac shipments to businesses grew 43.8 percent in the second quarter of this year, according to Needham & Company analyst Charlie Wolf, who’s been watching Apple’s PC business for years. Compare that to the sales growth rate of all brands of computers to businesses, which was 4.8 percent during the same quarter,” Erica Ogg reports for GigaOM. “‘The Mac’s share of the business market went from 1.2 percent to 3 percent over the course of five or so quarters,’ Wolf said in a recent interview. ‘It was a dramatic change, since the Mac was really targeted at the consumer and education market and not the business market.'”

“This sudden growth, particularly when it comes to the enterprise, isn’t due to changes to the machine itself or drastic cuts in price,” Ogg reports. “Rather, this shift towards the enterprise can be explained in terms of the trends happening around the machine: Changes within the core of Apple’s business, the consumer takeover of IT and the changing nature of how we work.”

“This ‘consumerization of IT’ is happening at companies of all sizes, according to a recent report from Good Technology,” Ogg reports. “As Forrester’s report says, workers who want to and are allowed to use MacBooks on the company network classify as ‘power laptop users.’ To Forrester, that means those employees work longer and are more productive… Apple said in October that 93 percent of the world’s Fortune 500 companies are ‘testing or deploying the iPad.’ …And the good news for Apple is that however it’s making its way inside these companies, the iPad seems to be a gateway for other Apple products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple means business™.

Again, IT doofuses, we told ya so — 10 days before Apple sold their first iPhone:

The IT guys are in for a rude awakening and the iPhone is only the beginning. They will have to accommodate the iPhone. Too many important employees will demand it and IT won’t be able to stem the tide. The fact is that business people will decide which device they want to carry and their businesses will adapt to it. Just as they did with “Microsoft-incompatible” Research In Motion’s Blackberry. Apple’s iPhone will be a success with business users whether the IT guy wants it or even whether AT&T and Apple tailor marketing to businesses or not.

Note to CEOs: Who runs the company, you or the IT guy? It’s your job to make the decisions and it’s the IT guy’s job to implement your decisions that relate to technology. Just as with Macs, you need to educate yourself instead of relying on someone with their own, possibly hidden, agendas to make extremely important technology decisions for your company. Most of you could be saving a LOT of money right now, but you aren’t because you’ve delegated an important part of your company’s decision-making to people who, frankly, in our experience, aren’t capable of making good, sound, strategic, long-term decisions. Most IT guys (and we know many) are not open-minded enough to be able to consider new, better, more efficient, more effective options that would benefit your company. In fact, most IT guys we’ve met will throw up road blocks and repeat myths until they’re blue in the face in order to avoid change. Especially change that might make their department less critical or smaller. Bottom line: most of you CEOs have given the IT guy way, way, way too much power. It’s time to take it back.MacDailyNews, June 19, 2007

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