T-Mobile USA has debuted its first iPhone ad on U.S. cable and broadcast networks. This is T-Mobile USA’s first iPhone ad.

“Thanks to T-Mo’s new Uncarrier plans, the iPhone 5 can be had starting at just $99, with two years of $20 monthly payments to cover the balance, or for free if you’re switching from another carrier and bring a device in for trade,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch. “So far, so good, according to reports of lines forming at retail stores for a phone that’s now over six months old.”

Etherington reports, “The appetite for the T-Mobile iPhone is good news for both Apple and the small carrier. T-Mobile’s existing potential reach only represents around 26.1 million total additional subscribers for Apple (a smaller percentage of which are realistically potential iPhone 5 buyers). That’s not a huge number in global subscriber terms, but it does give Apple room to expand its smartphone dominance in the U.S., and could provide it a late-stage bump for the iPhone 5.”

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