T-Mobile USA debuts first ad for Apple iPhone 5 (with video)

T-Mobile USA has debuted its first iPhone ad on U.S. cable and broadcast networks. This is T-Mobile USA’s first iPhone ad.

“Thanks to T-Mo’s new Uncarrier plans, the iPhone 5 can be had starting at just $99, with two years of $20 monthly payments to cover the balance, or for free if you’re switching from another carrier and bring a device in for trade,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch. “So far, so good, according to reports of lines forming at retail stores for a phone that’s now over six months old.”

Etherington reports, “The appetite for the T-Mobile iPhone is good news for both Apple and the small carrier. T-Mobile’s existing potential reach only represents around 26.1 million total additional subscribers for Apple (a smaller percentage of which are realistically potential iPhone 5 buyers). That’s not a huge number in global subscriber terms, but it does give Apple room to expand its smartphone dominance in the U.S., and could provide it a late-stage bump for the iPhone 5.”

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  1. Jimi Hendrix! No wonder the glass case shattered!

    I remember Apple themselves once drew up a commercial like this, using Jimi Hendrix chords to debut the ill-fated Cube.

  2. I have switched from ATT. Bought my phone outright from Apple. I will have four phones with T-Mobile 2 iPhone 5’s, 1 iPhone 4 & 1 iPhone 3gs. At ATT it would cost me 230 to have all these lines up and running with 8 gb/month. At T-mobile it will cost 130 with unlimited (slows down after 2 gb). $100/Month savings. Not too shabby. Biggest thing is I am not sure how reliable their network is and the coverage in the So. Cal area. I hope they roll out quickly with their LTE network. So far the internet speed is spotty. Concerned.

  3. My favorite Star Spangled Banner rendition by the Master of the Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix. I’m Heading to T-Mobile NOW!
    Check out “Machine Gun”. Jimi’s forceful, almost brutal version of his experience in Vietnam using only 1 chord, E major with Blues scale riffs that’ll put chills down your spine as he makes the Strat sing Airplanes, Bullets and Bombs.

      1. I also love the iPhone at that Jimi Hendrix song, but the commercial was thrown together very poorly. T-Mobile normally does better quality TV ads that this. There is nothing personal about this.

  4. T-Mobile has a bold ad for sure! I think they can back up the ad though, because from my experience, their network on my iPhone 5 works brilliantly. Streaming and downloading is quick and effortless. I like catching up on my live and recorded shows using my phone on the trip to and from work at DISH, as it takes a while to get there. The app I like to stream with is the DISH Anywhere app, which lets me watch my shows wherever I go, and it works well on the iPhone 5.

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