During last night’s Academy Awards, Apple debuted a new television commercial for iPad and iPad mini.

The new spot is now airing on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

As with previous ads of this style, various related words flash on-screen stopping every few seconds with a “crowd” shouting out of one of the words:

MacDailyNews Take: That “crowd” shout is borderline irritating already, Apple. Steve Jobs would have nixed that element on first viewing. It’s a bit overly enthusiastic and just not very inventive. Now, to be clear: These ads, including this one, are not bad. They’re just “okay.” Nothing spectacular/maybe a bit grating at times.

That said, the fact that Apple’s advertising efforts have more misfires than hits in the post-Jobs era highlights the tremendous importance of having a knowledgeable, tasteful, experienced, omnipotent eye overseeing it all. Print and Web advertising? Much easier than TV. Jobs was a masterful marketer and one of the most glaring signs that he’s gone can be seen in Apple’s TV ads since his passing.

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