“After pulling the ads from television, Apple has now removed the ‘Genius’ series of three ads that aired during the Olympics from its website and YouTube channel, apparently considering them a failed experiment,” MacNN reports. “The ads, which featured an Apple Genius (as seen in the retail stores) helping customers more fully utilize their Macs, drew criticism from some.”

“The chief complaint about the ads seemed to be that they were a marked departure from the understated, poetic ads that had recently promoted the iPhone, iPad and Siri,” MacNN reports. “The ads were intended to be lighthearted and humorous, reminiscent of the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, but riled some Mac users who saw the customers — new Mac owners — as clueless or stupid, notes MacRumors.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Josh Rabinowitz really wants a do-over right about now.

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