“Scott Trattner, executive creative director at TBWA/Media Arts Lab and one of the talents behind Apple ads in the past decade, has left his post to fill the same role at MDC Partners-owned 72andSunny,” Rupal Parekh reports for Advertising Age.

“He’s best known for creating the iconic and long-running ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, but since 2004 he’s worked on the creative development of dozens of ideas to promote Apple products, including the iPod, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Mac, iTunes, iCloud and iPad,” Parekh reports.

“Additionally, 72andSunny has promoted two creative directors, Jason Norcross and Frank Hahn, to join Mr. Trattner in his new role,” Parekh reports. “Together, the trio will be responsible for driving creative excellence across the agency’s roster of clients.”

MacDailyNews Note: 72andSunny’s client list includes Samsung. Their ads include the ones for the Samsung Galaxy S II which 72andSunny’s website describes as “a campaign that launches the Samsung Galaxy S II by challenging blind allegiances to Apple’s inferior products.” (bold emphasis added – MDN Ed.)

Scott Trattner

Scott Trattner

Parekh reports, “For Mr. Trattner, the move means getting to work on a host of clients instead of full-time on a single, demanding one.”

“Apple’s most recent round of ads, touting the retail stores’ ‘Genius Bar,’ were panned by consumers and pulled in short order by Apple,” Parekh reports. “Debate ensued over the thinking behind the ads, with one prevailing theory being it was an attempt by the tech giant to connect with older consumers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So – just speculating here – when your marketing genius editor dies and is no longer there to tell you it’s “shit,” you immediately begin making and airing widely-panned shit, so then you shop around your ad reel (whose quality level can be attributed to your late genius editor), quit and start working for a derivative, patent infringing, peddler of plastic shit that’s hell-bent on ripping off everything your late genius editor created – and that also has the unmitigated gall to call his products “inferior?” Sound about right to you? If so, vomitous. If not, good luck in your new endeavor, Scott!

We all know that nothing got on the air without Steve Jobs’ stamp of approval. Once that was no longer required, the ad quality declined immediately and measurably. Celebrities hawking a beta feature is an UNCREATIVE, LAZY move – and, you saw what happened to those “Mac Genius” ads. If you think they made all of those “Mac Genius” ads to run once during the first few days of the Olympics only to erase all mention of them from Apple’s site and Apple’s YouTube channel just a few days later, we’ve got a nicely-priced bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it.

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By SteveJack:

Tim Cook doesn’t know – he’s an operations guy. The best in the world.

But, don’t blame Cook for not knowing. There was only ONE Steve Jobs. He was a Renaissance man. He had TASTE.

The ads looked good to Cook. To him, they looked the same as all the others. He doesn’t know, nor can he be expected to know. He only knows the ads sucked from the reactions they provoked.

The loss of Steve Jobs was exactly that: A loss; a tremendous loss – in many areas, many of which have yet to be felt.

SteveJack is a pen name used by a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a contributor to both MacDailyNews Takes and the Opinion section.