“Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the latest in its Galaxy line, the S4, at a European technology exhibition in February, according to company officials and local parts suppliers for the technology giant,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times.

“The timetable was released just three days after rival Apple introduced the iPhone 5, which has received a mixed response from industry experts and consumers as it is seemingly lacking in innovative features,” Kim reports.

MacDailyNews Take: The media is so impartial in Samsungorea, isn’t it?

Samsungorea. It sounds like a disease because it is.

“‘Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone _ the Galaxy S4 _ at early next year’s mobile world congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona,’ said an official from the firm asking not to be identified, Sunday. The new device is expected to hit shelves globally in March at the latest,” Kim reports. “The new Galaxy, expected to be the firm’s most powerful handset yet in terms of hardware specifications and software advancement, will help the Suwon-based outfit further cement its leadership in the global smartphone market.”

MacDailyNews Take: What leadership is this, covering the world with cheap plastic Duplophones™ while generating a tiny slice of Apple-dominated smartphone profit share? Apple rakes in 71% of the world’s smartphone profits – September 8, 2012

Samsung Duplophone™. Designed for the fat hands and small imaginations of cheapskate settlers.

Kim reports, “The screen size of the S4 is expected to reach 5-inch from the the current 4.8 screen size of the S3, while it will use Google’s Android software and sport an OLED display, said the officials.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bwahahaha! “Duplophone Max™!” Or will it be the “Super Playmobilephone™?” Do they come with iron-on oversized pockets?

Kim reports, “The S4 will help Samsung take on Apple in the United States, according to officials. Market research firm IDC shows Samsung has a 30 percent share, globally, while Apple has 16 percent. But NPD’s recent data shows Apple controls 31 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, followed by Samsung on 24 percent.”

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis easy to generate market (unit) share numbers with umpteen phones continually pumped via Buy One Get X Number Free promos. It’s another thing altogether to dominate the world’s profit share as does Apple Inc.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The fear and desperation is plain for all to see. Samsung must see that Galaxy S III sales figures have fallen off a cliff since Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled iPhone 5 and they have panicked, Osbourning themselves.

We’d say that Samsung is being stupid to freeze their Galaxy S III sales, but the cheapskate ignorati who buy Samsung’s Duplophones™ are obviously way too out of it to process this “news” and pause settling for cheaply-built inferior wares.

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