iPhone 5 pre-orders top two million in just 24 hours, more than double iPhone 4S previous record

Apple today announced pre-orders of its iPhone 5 topped two million in just 24 hours, more than double the previous record of one million held by iPhone 4S. Demand for iPhone 5 exceeds the initial supply and while the majority of pre-orders will be delivered to customers on September 21, many are scheduled to be delivered in October. iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, completely redesigned to feature a stunning new 4-inch Retina display; an Apple-designed A6 chip for blazing fast performance; and ultrafast wireless technology — all while delivering even better battery life.

“iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, in th epress release. “iPhone 5 is the best iPhone yet, the most beautiful product we’ve ever made, and we hope customers love it as much as we do.”

iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 200 new user features including: an all new Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and an amazing new Flyover view; Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar, with the ability to post directly from Notification Center; Passbook, the simplest way to get all your passes in one place; new Siri features, including support for more languages, easy access to sports scores, restaurant recommendations and movie listings; Siri and Facebook-enabled apps like Photos, Safari® and Maps; and Shared Photo Streams via iCloud.

Pricing & Availability
iPhone 5 will be available at 356 Apple retail stores in the US beginning at 8 a.m. local time on Friday, September 21. Every customer who buys an iPhone 5 at an Apple retail store will be offered free Personal Setup service, helping them customize their iPhone 5 by setting up email, showing them new apps from the App Store and more, so they’ll be up and running with their new iPhone before they leave the store.

iPhone 5 comes in either white & silver or black & slate, and will be available in the US for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 16GB model and $299 (US) for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the 64GB model. iPhone 5 will be available from the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores, and through AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, select Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. iPhone 4S will also be available for just $99 (US) and iPhone 4 will be available for free with a two-year contract.

iPhone 5 will roll out worldwide to 22 more countries on September 28, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Source: Apple Inc.

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iPhone 5 pre-orders start at 12:01am PDT, Friday, September 14 – September 13, 2012


        1. Guess I should’ve made the sarcasm a bit more obvious…

          I’ll be getting one in about a month, I meant that the amount they’ve sold is nuts in a very good way!

    1. underwhelming by what standard… Samsung’s… Best and Most intelligent screen size, best processor, beautiful and elegant design, by any standard the best ecosystem, best IOS…. I could go on but this is a ridiculous comparison … You cannot compare a Rolex to a plastic knockoff … Only those who understand the value of quality get it… All others by the cheap stuff and rationalize.

      1. Guess my very British sarcasm is lost on a lot of people here 😛

        As I’ve said to others above, I’ll be picking one up myself, and I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said.

    2. Not sure why that number surprise anyone? How many iSheeps are there around the world? iPhone 4S was not that much of an improvement so moving a million units was a fair number considering the minimalist improvements. This said, the owners of the 4’s are without a doubt now making their way to 5 along with 4S owners who have the need to carry the latest and greatest version. This beat will go on maybe up to 6 but smartphones in general are not that far off from hitting some serious head winds with regards to consumers parting with their existing devices just for one or 2 new features.

        1. Not at all. Heck Samsung builds the A6 chip so if there was to be malice if could come via a delay in delivering the chips.

          My point applies to Samsung’s next Galaxy S as well. There comes a time where folks are just fine with what they have.

          1. “There comes a time where folks are just fine with what they have.”

            More powerful smartphones come out, developers utilize increased power, consumers buy new smartphones so they can use new/updated apps. Maybe your point applies to something, somewhere, but it doesn’t apply to this.

      1. Not to mention, is a fact that apple provide hard sale figures or Pre-orders sale figures. Unlike Somedung who include in their sales figures those phones given for free and phones stored away in warehouses and so on.

      2. Imho, Apple’s mobile devicestrategy is threefold:

        1. Consistently deliver a user experience that is in most/all respects superior to the competition’s offering.

        2. Give customers coming off of a two contract a significant upgrade. This has the unfortunate effect of causing the media and fandroids chronically whine that each annual upgrade is incremental rather than revolutionary. However, it is also an effective way to maintain margins and thereby achieve the third objective.

        3. Continue to capture the majority of the profits in the industry while allowing those that choose to compete on price to fight each other for the remaining scraps.

        And fwiw, I think this strategy is going to help them maintain earnings dominance for at least 48-60 months.

  1. LOL @ all the fandroid astroturfers that were running around with their hair on fire screaming that Apple was intentionally restricting supply and that the sellout was manufactured by marketing. 😉

    1. Yup, exactly. The fandroids are really out in force recently. No doubt to offset their massive, impotent nerd rage due to Apple’s many legal victories lately.

      Nice to see solid numbers out from Apple to lay the smack down. However I’m sure in no time the fandroid troglodytes will have some new schtick to whine about on our various Apple forums and tech news blogz.

      1. I got to play with a Galaxy Note on the weekend and it came with an app called Double Twist which for all intents and purposes is iTunes access and sync and access to AirPlay with an Android device (Phone/Tablet). What I fail to understand is how an app like this comes to life without Apple approving or certifying them.

        This app renders Apple’s AirPlay a free for all.

  2. Apple probably have another million available on the day of release. Therefore they should be able to sell at least 3 million that weekend.
    I can’t remember how much they sold last year.

  3. Appleinsider stated that apple sold 4m in the first weekend last year. So if the ratio being preorders and weekend sales stays the same they could sell an additional 4m phones.

  4. OMG… Just OMG… do you know what this means???

    In a two or three months, the pace of sales will start to drop off (what with the large roll out and all) and Apple will be DOOMED, Doomed I say.

    The Anal….yst will point out that after selling 15-20 million iPhones in the first 3-4 months, the sales have slacked ALREADY and sales are dropping so therefore, people must really hate the new iPhone.

    Therefore….. Apple is DOOMED. You heard it here first.

    Of course, with the world ending on Dec 21 this year, it will not really matter,,,, but,,,,, well….. there you are. LOL

    Just a world ending thought. 🙂

    1. Shareholders will determine the faith of Apple in terms of book value if Apple stalls for any length of time on new innovative product launches.

      Remember that the tech business is all about “what have you done for me lately’ and you have little if any time to bask in past accomplishments.

      This applies to every one of course hence not a slant on Apple.

  5. PS, I also predict that the iPhone 7 will NOT be able to double the initial sales of the iPhone 6 ( which, if you remember, doubled the initial sales of the iPhone 5).

    You see, Apple is DOOMED because there is just not enough people in the world to keep accelerating Apple sales. Unless everyone buys 3 of each new phone, well, sales will not keep increasing. 🙂

  6. The 356 retail stores are in UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong in addition to USA. The 20 stores in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands and the newly opened Sweden have to wait for another week. When will the 5 stores in China have iPhones? Nobody knows

  7. You people realize Apple launched in China as well as 7 other countries, whereas last year it was 7 countries and no China on launch. Long story short, there’s 20 million more people added into this launch so comparing this year’s launch sales to last years isn’t that simple.

    1. Don’t they operate some sort of lottery system with regards to preordering phones in China, though? If that’s the case it’s reasonable to assume Chinese preorders aren’t included in that total, as they won’t have been paid for yet (might just be making this up though).

  8. In my household, when we get a single new phone, EVERYONE wins. We bump phones down. And believe me a year old 64GB iPhone 4s is nothing to cry about, neither a 32GB iPhone 4. You can’t get these babies anymore. So it’s worth it to get a new phone for the family every year. What’s on the phone is less important.

    1. Agreed. My 12 y.o. son has already laid claim to my iPhone 4s (32 GB) when I upgrade. My 9 y.o. daughter will get my wife’s 4s (replaces my wife’s former 3GS, which now has a broken power switch and cracked case) when my wife upgrades, and my 15 y.o. plans to use his money to buy a 5. So in the end we’ll have an iPod touch and 3 3GSes around the house to be music players, mobile calendars, alarm clocks, remote controls for the TV, controllers for the Nest thermostats, etc. Or maybe we’ll sell one or two.

  9. I don’t get all the preordering, unless you live in an area without an AT&T, Verizon or Apple store. I just walk into my local AT&T store or Apple store and buy one the day or day after the new iPhones come out. There’s always plenty in stock now, which was not the case for the first 2-3 models.

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