Panic! Samsung’s iPhone 5 desperation is showing; pre-announces Galaxy S4 due in February

“Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the latest in its Galaxy line, the S4, at a European technology exhibition in February, according to company officials and local parts suppliers for the technology giant,” Kim Yoo-chul reports for The Korea Times.

“The timetable was released just three days after rival Apple introduced the iPhone 5, which has received a mixed response from industry experts and consumers as it is seemingly lacking in innovative features,” Kim reports.

MacDailyNews Take: The media is so impartial in Samsungorea, isn’t it?

Samsungorea. It sounds like a disease because it is.

“‘Samsung is ready to unveil the next Galaxy smartphone _ the Galaxy S4 _ at early next year’s mobile world congress (MWC) in the Spanish city of Barcelona,’ said an official from the firm asking not to be identified, Sunday. The new device is expected to hit shelves globally in March at the latest,” Kim reports. “The new Galaxy, expected to be the firm’s most powerful handset yet in terms of hardware specifications and software advancement, will help the Suwon-based outfit further cement its leadership in the global smartphone market.”

MacDailyNews Take: What leadership is this, covering the world with cheap plastic Duplophones™ while generating a tiny slice of Apple-dominated smartphone profit share? Apple rakes in 71% of the world’s smartphone profits – September 8, 2012

Samsung Duplophone™. Designed for the fat hands and small imaginations of cheapskate settlers.

Kim reports, “The screen size of the S4 is expected to reach 5-inch from the the current 4.8 screen size of the S3, while it will use Google’s Android software and sport an OLED display, said the officials.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bwahahaha! “Duplophone Max™!” Or will it be the “Super Playmobilephone™?” Do they come with iron-on oversized pockets?

Kim reports, “The S4 will help Samsung take on Apple in the United States, according to officials. Market research firm IDC shows Samsung has a 30 percent share, globally, while Apple has 16 percent. But NPD’s recent data shows Apple controls 31 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, followed by Samsung on 24 percent.”

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis easy to generate market (unit) share numbers with umpteen phones continually pumped via Buy One Get X Number Free promos. It’s another thing altogether to dominate the world’s profit share as does Apple Inc.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The fear and desperation is plain for all to see. Samsung must see that Galaxy S III sales figures have fallen off a cliff since Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled iPhone 5 and they have panicked, Osbourning themselves.

We’d say that Samsung is being stupid to freeze their Galaxy S III sales, but the cheapskate ignorati who buy Samsung’s Duplophones™ are obviously way too out of it to process this “news” and pause settling for cheaply-built inferior wares.

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    1. The Slamdung Garbagity S tree,
      is being advertised as, “the future is already here”.

      what then does a S4 mean, the after life has arrived?
      and what os shall it offer as updates

      1. Correct Shamsung doesn’t provide incentives only fear to its workers. If they don’t comply with their requests their families will have hard time finding work in a country owned primarily by the country. I guess you could always get a job in the fish market.

  1. Apple halo affect from the Iphone is amazing.

    Right now the battle for the masses is on Apple side.

    Samsung need to remember Apple provides an ENTIRE ecosystem that works seamlessly.
    That is Apple trump cards besides great design,OS, stability and great customer relations.

    A samsung user can easily IN ONE DAY dump android and jump to the Apple bandwagon.
    While entrenched Apple consumers are not easily moved, either due to the huge cost they have spent for such an ecosystem.

    So samsung, do sell more phones at lower profit margins so that Apple can sue you again…

  2. The S3 has been drastically discounted even in Korea. Before the iPhone5 was even announced the S3s price dropped drastically. If “they who shall not be named” are dropping prices on their home turf you know something is going on. Panic might be an understatement.

    1. Gosh, I thought that I was the only one that remembered Adam Osbourne claiming he was going to put Apple out of business back in the Apple // days. Funny that 8 out of 10 Osbourne computers were dead out if the box.

      Michael Dell attended the Adam Osbourne school of computer marketing. That was the only place he could have been able to graduate from.

  3. This is dumb. It is unlikely to stop very many buyers who were just about to buy an iPhone. Most of these buyers have waited a while and have made up their minds a while ago. However, it will likely stop many buyers who were just about to buy a Galaxy S3.

    2 cents

  4. @MDN

    Why shouldn’t the media be impartial to Samsung? I actually appreciate impartiality in the media. I wish there were more of it. I can make up my own mind. You should try it some time MDN.

  5. Meanwhile, Apple announces their new phone one week before availability, makes more than 2 million available for pre-order, and not one of them ever sees a store shelf.

    S3 meets iPhone 5 in the wild:

    S3 – “…so after two months on the shelf, my brother was our purchased, and they threw me in as a bonus.”

    iP5 – “What’s a shelf?”

  6. 5 inch screen???? Is that their solution to “innovation”….. If that’s their plan, they only have 1.5 inches of innovation left before they Innovate right into their mini tablet…. This thing is huge already…. What type of NBA sized humanoid do you have to be to hold and use it one handed… No offense to the NBA players who are all using iPhones and now iPads.

  7. So, it will be just a short time before I see ads with the Samsung phones with longer and longer screens like the spoof on iPhones right? I mean, surely the same people that seem to make fun of the iPhone will do the same for Samsung. They aren’t partial to brands they make fun of right?

  8. oh, I knew it. typical fanboys have to say with big mouth, huh? no matter what people say, these fanboys are just fucking deaf. that’s why they became slavery a long time ago. it’s pathetic. as a matter of fact, most iphone 5 preorder was achieved by isheep. remember. these people are so dumb. they don’t even know what new one has spec. they just buy it because it’s apple. so tell me. what is the hell new features? 4 inch screen and LTE? thinnest phone ever? come on. it’s not thinner than new nokia lumina by the way. apple is just out of creation, innovation. they just bought so many patents and companies because they don’t have ability to do that. they also don’t own any factory for building their own. manufacturing parts are also contracted by other companies. so 100% is just fucking outsource. this kind of company will fall anytime soon because they didn’t build basement.

    1. Thanks for inserting a period randomly every so often in your post.

      It made it marginally easier to read.

      Next time you might try capitalizing the first word of your sentence fragments.

      Oh, and perhaps throwing in few scattered paragraph breaks here and there would help.

      I look forward to reading your second draft.

    2. Hi Edward… do you mind writing more often on this site… I really need a good laugh sometimes and adding comedy writers to MDN would definitely be a fun thing.

      Hope you feel better soon. Cheers!

    3. The Hell New features is a grammar porgram for making people get better at write, you know.
      When does Appel get the hell new feature? Probabaly when they get a iphone 7 or what something.
      Appel isheep are dumb like garbage can or similar metaphorical notion, yes?

      1. You fine make english for talk much debate. Google translate help assist big fail or what something, yes? Keep you holding breath for new grammar porgram. Need much or similar notion.

      2. Paragraph breaks – Good.
        Random periods gone – Good.
        Nearly complete sentences – Good.
        Capital letters at the start of attempted sentences – Good.
        Now, work on spelling and, if you have time, some coherent content.
        I eagerly await your third and final draft!

    4. Yes! Another classic post from edward. Awesome, as usual. I love how he keeps repeating the manufacturing thing. We’ll see what he thinks when Apple moves its chip fab to TSMC by 2014.

      Favorite post quote: “that’s why they became slavery a long time ago”

      Aside from the language barrier, I’m starting to think there’s something else going on with edward.. closed head injury? Definitely some impulse control issues..

      Anyway, keep posting edward!

    5. Does your mother know that you have left your basement bedroom and are running loose on the streets? Best you go back where you belong. It will all be better in the morning when you take your meds, just like all the times before.

  9. I own a Samsung Galaxy player 5.0
    picked it up very cheap a while back… I rooted it and hardly even mess with it anymore.

    compared to the iPhone 4S (currently have, 5 on order) it’s HUGE… as a mini tablet it works, as a phone…. it does not.
    it requires two hands to type anything. you can’t hold the player with one hand and use your thumb to type, well you can on the small keyboard at the bottom, but you can only access 2/3 the screen with one hand.
    Need to launch an app at top of screen with one hand? can’t unless you move your hand.

    a die hard Android loser at work has some droid version with at least a 4″ screen. I have never seen him use the phone with one hand, ever.
    When I mentioned it to him that he can’t use his phone one handed, he tried to prove me wrong. and almost dropped the phone…

    With apple keeping the width the same, and just making it a little taller, i don’t think one handed usage will be a problem.
    a 5″ screen… android has nothing on Apple.
    “look, we have a 5″ screen!!! (never mind the phone can’t fit in your pocket anymore, or be able to use with one hand easily) Apple has a tiny screen!”
    and the specs conscious guys go for samesung instead of get the real thing.

    Samesung is in panic mode, and it’s only going to become worse 🙂

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