Analysts expects Apple to sell up to 10 million iPhones by September 29th

“Following record iPhone 5 pre-orders, Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Michael Walkley said: ‘Given the record pre-orders, we believe Apple [AAPL]could ship 9M to 10M iPhone 5 models by September 29, or the last day of F2012 [fiscal Q412], versus our initial 6M estimate,'” Canaccord Genuity reports via Forbes.

Canaccord Genuity reports, “Mr. Walkley increased his F2012 EPS estimate from $43.25 to $44.32 and his F2013 estimate from $56.90 to $56.96.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. “It.” Now we’ve both said it.  Though you are obviously the big winner and smarter, since you said IT first. And thanks for not cluttering up the space with logic & explanations or links to earlier comments.

  1. I believe AAPL has been producing the iPhone 5 since about July 20, and over the subsequent 7 weeks would have been about to produce about 13 million iPhones. Add another 2 million that it’ll manufacture this week … that’s a total of 15m iPhones. That is an an upper limit on sales. 

    Apple can sell all of the phones it can produce for about 5-6 months … which leads me to conclude that the estimate in this article is waaaay too low.

  2. Apple is doomed to sell 250 million Iphone 5 before December 31st. What a success for Samsung which will see the dumping of its iconic plastic SG3 in millions before September runs out

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