ZAGG debuts ‘invisibleSHIELD EXTREME’ premium protective film for Apple iPhone 5 with shock absorption

ZAGG has introduced a new version of its award-winning invisibleSHIELD line, the invisibleSHIELD EXTREME. The invisibleSHIELD EXTREME is a thin, clear film that protects the screens of smartphones, including to world’s most-coveted, Apple’s iPhone 5, from cracks, scratches and dings. It differs from other products in the invisibleSHIELD portfolio by offering advanced shock absorption and superior break protection. By installing invisibleSHIELD EXTREME on a compatible mobile device, consumers can worry less about broken screens as a result of dropping their smartphone or tablet.

The invisibleSHIELD EXTREME is created from the same ultra-durable polyurethane as the original invisibleSHIELD, but now includes a new, premium, shock resistant layer. The invisibleSHIELD product line maintains multiple patents and protects thousands of tablets, including Apple iPads, smartphones, including Apple iPhones, and e-readers without interfering with their functionality.


“ZAGG continues to offer new, creative product solutions in the mobile protection industry. We have seen overwhelming success with our groundbreaking invisibleSHIELD line, having shipped more than 50 million units since it was first introduced in 2005,” said Kent Wuthrich, executive vice president of marketing for ZAGG, which manufactures and markets ZAGG and iFrogz products, in the press release. “As the industry leader and the preferred brand in protective film, ZAGG has raised the bar for protection, durability and clarity with the new invisibleSHIELD EXTREME line.”

The invisibleSHIELD EXTREME is available for US$29.99, which includes a lifetime warranty. More info here.

Source: ZAGG Inc.

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    1. I’ll believe it, when I see it.

      Their previous shields didn’t do anything as far as protection the phone goes (scratches yes, breakage no). As far as breakage goes, all the current shield are good for is keeping the broken glass in on piece.

  1. Honestly, I’d hate to break the screen on my new iPhone 5, but if I did I’d rather pay the $150 to replace the screen than have to live with the dulled down appearance of these Zagg overlays everyday.

    1. You make a fair point.
      If you have AppleCare + and your screen gets unreasonably scratched, Apple would likely replace the unit for $49.

      That being said, have you seen the invisishields that are optimized for the Retina display, or are you referring to the old shields?

  2. I am on my 2nd extreme in 2 days. You see very little moisture under it when in stalled. But by end of 1st day it was all cloudy and looked like it had a lot of moisture under it. Some almost looked like a fungus growing. Went back to Best Buy and they said they were having some issues with the extreme. They replaced and said use the special install solution. Said if it does it again will convert to HD version. Which I understand is even cheaper than Extreme.
    Anybody else having thisbissue

    1. Is anyone having trouble actually using the touch screen after installing the Extreme? I can’t even use my iPhone 5 to it’s full potential, some parts of the screen have to be pressed really hard or several times to get it to work and it’s clearly the areas that are not dry yet. I didn’t expect it to take this long, it’s been over 24 hours now and I’m seeing little improvement!!

    2. Guys the reason why there’s brown spots is that the spray is a new design specifically made for the extreme. It’s a new solution that kind of feels like jelly. Keep for 4-5 days and it will look beautiful

    3. I just installed my invisibleshield extreme on my iphone 5 a couple days ago and so far I’m happy with it. I think most of the problems people are having with the brownish spots showing up and the poor touch screen response are a result of excess application spray left behind. I was very careful to squeegee out as much of the spray as I could (I probably spent about 5 minutes going over it) and after more than a day later there are only a couple very small brownish spots that haven’t gotten worse, and may even be getting better. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re gone by the end of the week. My touch screen also works perfectly and looks just as vibrant and clear as it does without the protector. Like I said, just take your time to get out as much moisture as you can, and don’t be afraid to apply a decent amount of pressure, and I think you’ll be happy with the results.

  3. I bought one of the invisible sheild extream at bestbuy and had it put on my iPhone 5 and itade my touch panel very unresponsive I couldn’t get the slider to unlock the screen without a lot of try’s and trying to type was a no go as some letters would word and others would not. I took the shield off and everything started working fine so I believe the extre is to thick for the iPhone 5

  4. I have the Extreme for the iPhone 5 and it sucks. Overnight the screen got all cloudy and even a second one did the same thing. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Had the regular zagg protecor on Android phone with no issues but this new Extreme is not good.

  5. I work at a Best Buy Mobile Stand Alone Store. I have been trained on how to install these Extreme shields. We are instructed to tell customers when we install that it will look cloudy and bubble up for a couple of days. What I like to say is “it will look worse before it looks better.” They aren’t “terrible” as some of these people are saying. The Extreme works well. You just have to know what you are doing. And you have to know what to expect. Long story short, it takes about 4 days (when installed correctly with the ZAGG extreme GEL provided at the ZAGG kiosks and Best Buy Mobile, not the ZAGG spray included in the package) for it to look right and work properly. Don’t “dis” something you are ignorant about; find out the facts before you make a comment!!!

    1. @Destiny S.: So the only way to get the shield installed properly without cloudiness is to go to Best Buy or a Zagg location, because they’re the only ones with the proper application gel? Does Zagg plan on addressing the fact that they’re giving their customers the wrong application gel?

      1. Possibly. All I know is that it is the regular spray in the packaging of the Extreme product, and we were instructed to ONLY use the gel we were provided with. Ask ZAGG.

  6. I also bought the Invisible Shield Extreme for my iPhone 5 and to my initial dismay it also had moisture spots that looked like a “fungus” and those spots greatly decreased the sensitivity of the touchscreen. It was hard to use the keypad for some spots. Fortunately after one week, the spots have all gone away and sensitivity and clarity of the screen is good.

  7. I had the extreme installed at the Zagg kiosk – the installer said to expect condensation for a few days . I had 10 brownish spots on the screen by the next am . Now at day 11 and they are finally almost gone but still have about 1/2 of the largest spot left , which is still about 1/3 of an inch across and another smaller spot. If not gone by Friday will have it removed but have to drive 90 mins to get to that mall so hoping I don’t have to , Have had zagg covers on mulitiple devices in past. I am happy that it seems to show less fingerprints than my last one

  8. Meh. This MIGHT help protect my screen from breaking but Zagg isn’t willing to guarantee it or warranty my phone against it so what’s the point. My screen still MIGHT be cracked and if/when it does then I’m still out the cost of replacing the screen AND I’ve paid for the more expensive Zagg (which by the way has much worse clarity). More hype than it’s worth.

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