President Trump to deny tariff relief for Apple Mac Pro parts from China

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday said his administration would not grant Apple tariff relief on Chinese-made parts for its Mac Pro computer.

David Shepardson and Susan Heavey for Reuters:

“Apple will not be given Tariff waiver, or relief, for Mac Pro parts that are made in China. Make them in the USA, no Tariffs!” Trump tweeted.

Representatives for Apple had no immediate comment. Shares of the company sharply pared their gains after Trump’s tweets.

On July 18, Apple asked the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office to waive 25% tariffs on 15 parts, including ones for Mac Pro desktop computer.

The Wall Street Journal reported in June that Apple is shifting manufacturing of its new Mac Pro desktop computer to China from Texas… Apple said in its submissions to the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office that the products were a component of a consumer electronic device and “not strategically important or related to Chinese industrial programs, such as “Made in China 2020.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, this was an obvious outcome. Solely from a PR standpoint, Apple clearly shouldn’t have even asked for such a waiver in the current political climate.

On the face of it, given only a cursory glance, it’s a bad PR look in the U.S. for flush-with-cash Apple to be moving production from Texas to China while asking for a ‘tax break.’ That’s how the average schmo on the street is going to see this. — MacDailyNews, July 23, 2019


  1. “On the face of it, given only a cursory glance, it’s a bad PR look in the U.S. for flush-with-cash Apple to be moving production from Texas to China while asking for a ‘tax break.’ That’s how the average schmo on the street is going to see this.”

    And the average schmo would be right to do so.

  2. Trump is missing the point. Tim Cook is ONLY moving Mac Pro production to the US as a favor to Trump. Cook should cancel his plans to assemble the Mac Pro in the US since Trump just spit in his face. (And I’m a big Trump supporter).

    1. “…since Trump just spit in his face.”

      Tim has known about Trump’s attitude towards China for three years. Trump’s attitude about China goes back even further; maybe 20-30 years. Trump told everyone at the G7 meeting in 2018 that the US piggy bank is now closed; that the US will no longer foot the bill for the privilege of getting financially raped by other countries that have been on the dole for decades (think ‘Marshall Plan’). Tim has chosen to not pay attention. <— was this ever supposed to end?

      Let me say it again: three (3) friggin’ years… and Tim chose to put his fingers in his ears and look the other way.

      Either China is paying Tim or Apple (or Tim & Apple) a lot of money (think billions) for maintaining the status quo, or Tim (or Apple’s BoD) thinks that Trump will ‘soon be gone’ and that they can then continue business as usual, or [speculation ALERT!] China must have some serious dirt on Tim’s ‘extra-curricular activities’ and is ‘encouraging’ Apple to ‘play-nice’. Or maybe it’s all three.

      China is already supporting candidates in the 2020 election:

      and this is just the news that’s being reported. What else is going on that the public doesn’t know about?

      Tim’s relationship with China is starting to look like a quid-pro-quo where China is getting the better end of the deal and Apple’s getting btt-fcked.

      I just can’t imagine how Tim, or Apple’s board of directors, can continue to justify it.

    2. Talk about one of the most clueless comments of the year.

      So to speak, FIRST Cook spit in the face of the American worker and President Trump.

      Then Clueless Cook has the gall and nerve to ask for a tariff exemption to reward him for moving manufacturing to China and maintaining the precious beancounter profits. Please try to keep up with reality.

      As to your claims as a big Trump supporter, I suspect LIAR…

  3. I suppose now that Trump’s economy is no better than the one he railed against to get elected, he will have to come up with another lie about how great his tariffs are. If you believe tariffs will help our economy, you will only be able to find your head if you shine a flashlight up you’re rectum.

      1. Please point to the sudden dramatic improvement in GDP growth that you think you are experiencing. Was it in 2014 when the economy measured a strong 5% growth? Why not?

        Too much Kool Aide isn’t good for you, Goeb. Try using facts sometime.

    1. Yep. Like KingMel said there is no reason for the tariffs. There is a world of trade out there. Either you are a part of it our you have a whiny, pathetic little man setting policy. UYou see how that has worked out.

  4. Tim Cook is stupid not learning from his mistakes. The old Mac Pro was made in USA and rather than improving that, he decides to CONSOLIDATE more production in China. Insane.

    Tim “let me put all my production eggs in one communist basket” Cook is a failure at operations.

  5. hahahahahaha!
    All that BUTT kissing Tim did…. hahahaha

    Hey Tim take your lips off of donald’s, and the trump family’s rump

    NOW resign!

    Is this what the kids mean when they call someone a tool? same as fool?
    hm? tim got used well.

  6. It’s too bad the current POTUS is so bent on harming US business and consumers. I’m so sure the Free Market crowd are outraged by these ill-conceived tariffs, right? /sarcasm

    1. “It’s too bad the current POTUS is so bent on harming US business and consumers.“

      Are you out of your mind? President Trump slashed hundreds of business stifling regulations and lowered taxes for business and the economy took off like a rocket.

      Please try to keep up with reality…

  7. I shudder to think what would happen if/when there is another world war. America has lost the ability to manufacture practically everything. It must change as it is perhaps the greatest threat to our nation’s security long-term. I mean long-term as measured by the Moore’s Law pace of tech advances. Is it already too late?

    1. Yep. In the prior world wars there was opportunity to build the war machine. We couldn’t even invade Iraq without a years worth of prepositioning men and supplies.

      A cruise missile doesn’t wait for you to gear up.

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