Adobe’s new transparent display

Ina Fried for Axios:

Researchers at Adobe have developed a new type of transparent display that allows virtual images and video to appear convincingly next to real objects.

Glasses offer one way to bring together the digital and physical worlds, but that approach requires each person viewing to have a headset on, while this approach would allow the same effect to be shown to many people at once, which would be more useful for retail and other settings.

The company plans to detail the effort, known as Project Glasswing, at the Siggraph conference next week, but gave Axios a sneak peek at company HQ on Thursday.

Adobe's Glasswing in action (image: Axios)
Adobe’s Glasswing in action (image: Axios)

MacDailyNews Take: Very cool way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds!


  1. Very interesting but I thought similar transparent screens, which I assumed had the same capability have been shown in recent years elsewhere. Clearly if they don’t then not all transparent screens are equal.

  2. I gave this idea to Steve Jobs back in 1985, and two years ago I told the head of Adobe about it. Nice to see my ideas become reality. I am more instrumental than mental in so many ways, and MDN is my way to Leal this info about the untold story of my greatness to the world in a way that will never be told on Wikipedia (which I have to Jimmy all those years ago too).

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