Samsung Galaxy Fold display failures raise specter of Note 7 fiasco

“Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it has received ‘a few’ reports of damage to the displays of samples of its upcoming [Galaxy Fold] foldable smartphone, raising the prospect of a less-then-smooth entry for the splashy $1,980 handset,” Angela Moon and Ju-min Park report for Reuters. “Ahead of the launch, journalists supplied with review samples reported malfunctions after only a day or two of use.”

“‘We will thoroughly inspect these units … to determine the cause of the matter,’ Samsung said in a statement,” Moon and Park report. “The malfunctions raised the specter of Samsung’s doomed Galaxy Note 7 phone three years ago. Battery and design flaws in the Note 7 resulted in some units catching fire or exploding, forcing Samsung to recall and cancel sales of the model. The recall wiped out nearly all profit of Samsung’s mobile division in the third quarter of 2016.”

“Technology journalists took to Twitter on Wednesday to report instances of the screen either cracking or flickering,” Moon and Park report. “‘I think as time goes on its yield rate will improve, and foldables that customers have in hand will be much better,’ said analyst Lee Kyu-ha at NH Investment & Securities. ‘But I don’t know if Samsung can completely fix the problem about screens.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now that this has hit Reuters, it will be picked up worldwide and spread mainstream. Have a nice weekend, upcoming quarter, and beyond, IP-trampling slavish copiers!

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  1. The reviewer folded it wrongly.
    The half screen effect is a feature. It is for when someone is looking over your shoulder and you don’t want them to see what you are reading.

  2. SamSplode is notorious for rushing products out for hollow first innovation dibs only to have it literally blow up in their faces. Apparently not a lesson that has stuck with them to develop, test and wait until the time is right and the product is solid. What a horrible reputation to have and a major breach of public trust in their products.

  3. It has been reported elsewhere that Samsung is experimenting with different hinge settings. It’s possible the failing units are those that have a relatively tighter curve radius at the fold and hinge. At least they’re catching this in the beta units and not after a whole slew have been sold.

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