What’s going on with Foxconn in Wisconsin?

“The secrecy and vagueness are frustrating to critics,” Josh Dzieza writes for The Verge. “How do you prove that Foxconn won’t build an enormous LCD factory during an industry glut or create a research campus larger than MIT in rural Wisconsin other than by pointing out that experts — and even, occasionally, Foxconn executives — say it makes no sense?”

“For Foxconn watchers, the Milwaukee headquarters feels like a distillation of the whole ordeal,” Dzieza writes. “Foxconn did buy a building — it put signs up, and there are some people there with Foxconn lanyards — but it’s a significantly diminished version of what was promised and strangely secret for a project that began with such public fanfare… A local observer gave me a tip from his own attempts to discern what exactly is going on inside the headquarters: if you go to the top floor of a parking garage across the street at dusk, you can see into the Foxconn floors. I did so and saw that it looks like a normal office, and there were at least six people inside.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a long article, but the gist is that nobody seems to know what the heck Foxconn is doing in Wisconsin, if anything.

As we wrote of the whole thing back in February: “Sounds waffly.”

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  1. What happened is that Apple and Foxconn were being pressured by the President to announce a facility in the USA. So they made the announcement and are hoping the public will forget before they have to build something.

  2. Wisconsin has been able to cut its people’s welfare caseload in half so that it could misuse Socialist principles to subsidize FoxConn’s welfare, a wealthy corporation that does not need a handout, to the tune of 5.1 Billion of taxpayer money. Reappropriate that illicit gain from FoxConn’s Potemkin factory and hand it over to real people who actually need it because their Social Security and Medicaid was cut.

  3. Back when the deal was signed, the future looked bright, and then the global outlook changed, no thanks to you-know-who.

    As for the corporate handouts, most of that is after the fact, you know, tax credits. You only get the credits if you have tax liability. As long as Foxconn Wisconsin has minimal tax liability, they won’t get those credits. So, there’s no “illicit gain” to begin with. Social security comes from the Feds, not the state.

    1. It’s amazing how many people claim capitalism and free markets are the greatest thing ever on one hand and that government should step back and gt out of the way and then insist that giant corporations need not pay their fair share of taxes because their projects would allegedly not be financially viable without it. Tax credits are bad when its for a solar corporation but good for Amazon or FoxConn? Such hypocrisy.

      My business makes profits and gainfully employs people. If these other companies don’t; pay taxes why should I pay taxes? I better whine and say I will close it or move it to another state. What BS. How about this – level the playing field and have a true free market.

  4. I would be afraid to build anything in the US as well! The left pushed everything to China and will do so again if they have their way and get Trump out of office! Trump 2020!!

  5. Any excuse to bash Trump is taken at every turn by “the resistance” – an anti-democratic group that promotes fascism under the guise of being “anti-fascist”. These losers (literally) are the same ones who said the economy would never do well with tariffs, that the Mueller investigation would prove Trump was in bed with Russians, that this country is filled with racists, that men are inherently “toxic”, that socialism helps lift people out of poverty, and that open borders is somehow compassionate. They are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong, but because of their massive ego’s being repeatedly wrong time and time again means nothing to them.

    1. How is the resistance anti-democratic? Opposition is an essential part of democracy. Furthermore we haven’t heard the last of the Mueller investigation. When the full story comes out, it will be far more damaging to the President than William Barr’s sugar coating would suggest.

      The current economic expansion started well before Trump and continues because of inertia. The economy is doing well in spite of the tariffs. Trade is not a zero sum game. It can be a win-win or a lose-lose situation. Trade wars invariably hurt both sides.

  6. Just leaving this here.

    “The Village of Mount Pleasant took on hundreds of millions in debt that was supposed to be repaid by property taxes on Foxconn’s fantastic campus. It will now have to hope Foxconn honors its contractual obligation to make up the shortfall.”

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