More U.S. households now subscribe to streaming services than cable/satellite TV

“For the first time, a higher percentage of households in the U.S. subscribe to a digital streaming service than to traditional pay television, according to the results of a new survey released Monday by Deloitte,” David Ng reports for The Los Angels Times. “Deloitte’s 13th annual digital media trends survey found that 69% of respondents have at least one streaming video subscription, compared with 65% who have a traditional pay TV subscription. The finding underscores the continued popularity of services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, as more consumers become disenchanted with the high costs associated with cable and satellite packages.”

“But many consumers experience frustration with streaming services’ content, with 47% saying they need multiple subscriptions to watch everything they want and 57% saying shows that they enjoy have disappeared from streaming services,” Ng reports. ““This is happening more frequently as more studios and TV networks are pulling content from the major streaming services to launch their own direct-to-consumer offerings,” the report said.”

“Another source of frustration is the difficulty many streaming subscribers have in finding the shows or movies they want. The survey found that 43% of consumers give up on the search for content if they can’t find it within a few minutes,” Ng reports. “‘Overall, consumers say they are getting much of what they want but are frustrated by the complexity and effort to get it,’ the report said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, with perfect timing, here comes Apple’s new TV app-based streaming service to aggregate, simplify, and ease consumers’ frustration!

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  1. The geniuses at Deloitte should mention that almost 100% of streaming media services buy their internet services from … the cable and satellite companies that they supposedly despise.

    It is nice that the report admits how frustrating the barrage of streaming services is. Customers have complicated headaches and few are actually saving money. Only if they reduce their watching habit. Get outside away from the digital screen. It’s more entertaining and educational.

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