New adware with destructive capabilities infects hundreds of Android apps in Google Play store

“Researchers have uncovered a new adware strain that, until recently, was running rampant on the Google Play Store,” Dell Cameron reports for Gizmodo. “More than 200 applications are said to carry the malware.”

“In a post Wednesday, Israeli security firm Check Point said applications known to contain this particular adware strain—dubbed ‘SimBad’ — had been downloaded almost 150 million times, primarily by gamers,” Cameron reports. “Check Point said the malware resides inside an apparently widely used advertising software development kit (SDK) provided by ‘addroider[.]com.’ Once installed, SimBad receives instructions from a command and control server, such as an order to make its icon disappear in an effort to make the app harder to remove. It then begins to display background ads and can open any URL in the phone’s browser.”

“The researchers noted that while SimBad appears geared toward serving ads for now, it has the infrastructure to evolve into ‘a much larger threat,'” Cameron reports. “Two months ago, [Google’s] detection systems were bypassed by a batch of 85 apps that, by the time Google was able to delete them, had infected some 9 million users. Just a few days earlier, users in 196 countries were infected by a slew of apps capable of accessing contact lists and SMS messages and even recording audio.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here, kid, play with this.

Then, after you grow up and wise up, get a real iPhone.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


      1. Lol. You again. AndroidFanboy may be a more apt handle.

        While I agree that I hate censorship Apple hasn’t made it impossible to infect your phone with crap, you just can’t do it through their store front.

        You say censorship but really it’s privacy that we appreciate from our one supplier.

        1. Each store would still be free to set their own standards or developers can sell direct.

          Using speech to commit crimes is not free speech.

          As distasteful as I find the example, its the law that curtails speech in society, or rather… it’s the law that guarantees free speech, not my device manufacturer.

        2. I would not be surprised if there really was an Android app like that. In my exoerience, some of the nastiest, white supremacist Trump voters were Android/Windows users, and all the decent people I knew had Apple products. If thats the company Android wants to keep, so be it.

    1. Please don’t defame Linux by associating Android with that. A lot of Linux users I know think Android gives it a bad name. Distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint are real good ways of introducing Linux to people new to it. I appreciate the “fake Linux” comment but it’s still hurts seeing our beloved penguin being associated with a badly built robot.

    2. It’s not “fake Linux”. Android is built around the Linux kernel, making it a Linux distro for smartphones and tablets. Android IS Linux whether you like it or not. A better insult would be “badly built Linux” instead.

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