President Trump calls Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ instead of Tim Cook

“President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook have had some tense moments in the past, but none quite like this,” Jordan Novet reports for CNBC. “In a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the importance of technology in education, Trump referred to the head of the iPhone maker as ‘Tim Apple.'”

“It appears as if it was a slip of the tongue, similar to when he called Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Lockheed last year,” Novet reports. “Her name is Marillyn Hewson.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Today, on Twitter, Cook responded to the “uproar” with subtlety:

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    1. Obviously.

      Another case of the Dem/Lib/Prog’s trying to make something out of nothing.

      The President clearly knows Tim Cook’s name:

      1. Yes, Fwhatever, Trump does know Tim Cook’s name. No one challenged that. But he did call him “Tim Apple.” No one should challenge that fact. However, as usual, you are compelled to deflect and defend. Pitiful, really.

        It is a funny gaffe. A similar type of gaffe, by the way, that Biden is prone to make. And we all remember the glee with which conservative news publicized those gaffes. Yes, we do.

        So lighten up. Enjoy a chuckle, and move on. Your defensiveness is a sign of weakness.

      2. It’s not just “Tim Apple”.

        Watch even just a few minutes of this video and the other four in the series…

        E.g. at 1:20, he comes down the steps of AF1 and goes vaguely wandering across the empty tarmac… until steered back to his limo which had been right at the bottom of the steps. His body language, when corrected, is basically, “Ohhhh, that big black car over there. OK.”

    2. Uhhh, no…he didn’t correct himself. I listened to the clip several times and he said “Tim Apple.”

      Why do you have to lie about something that it blatantly obvious to anyone who listens to the video? And why lie about something of so little importance? As you see in the MDN Take (which generally seems to lean towards the conservative side), this is not the first time that Trump has done something like this. The lame, attempted coverup is unnecessary and just draws more attention to the gaffe.

      As I said, the gaffe is no big deal at all. I think that it is humorously appropriate, actually, and I like what Tim did with his Twitter handle. The truly big deal is that you and other Trump supporters are taking your cue from Trump, himself, who has proven to be a compulsive liar, particularly concerning anything that threatens his ego.

  1. That is bs. Watch the full thing. A few minutes before he introduced him as Tim Cook and thanked Tim and then I think he went to say something else about Apple and switched.

    1. That does not change the fact that Trump called him “Tim Cook”! He said it! It was funny! Then it was over…

      Why are you compelled to redirect the discussion in such a way? Accept that Trump does this fairly regularly and move on. After all, Trump is old and suffering mental decline. It shouldn’t surprise you when he says strange things.

  2. Is this what America is now???? Two camps of bickering ninnies with nothing better to do than find petty mistakes to politicize? Will the person who has never misspoken please step forward…

    As one of the few people who actually viewed the entire event, the scary thing is that nobody here has bothered to discuss content of the meeting…. or lack thereof.

    For a meeting supposedly aimed at workforce participation, the glaring absences of the Secretaries of Labor, HUD, and Education were blatant. Labor representatives were outnumbered ~15 to 1. Rhen, oh my, what genius insights were shared …. not.

    Everyone agreed there was a disconnect between job requirements and the available workers with qualifications ready to go. That is all 90% of the panel members could offer when they weren’t licking Ivanka’s ego. They all wanted federal funds and the groveling was obvious. These are the people who will write the pork bill for funding their corporate needs with federal grants under the guise of patriotism and loyalty to the Trump brand. Truth is, companies of course have expenses to train people—as they should. Federal programs are, to a radical rightie, a waste ot tax money. So since adult education & vocational training has been so uncoordinated and underfunded for so long, and youth so uninterested in difficult labor, that companies have no choice now but to hire and directly train people they never considered before: ex-criminals, druggies, and ESL workers. They have to struggle to make employment more rewarding to millenials than video games.

    Those few panel members who had real proposals to offer had to carefully phrase their ideas because they are 180 degrees opposed to Trump’s policy. They said that there are two important federal actions to take immediately: first, significant federal investment in worker training and education. Second, a massive change to immigration policy to let any non-criminals wiling to work and obey the law a fast legal path to do so. Not a “merit” system that blocks everyone without a PHD. They even used the term “dreamers”. Unfortunately the good ideas were mostly lost in the blather from the 90% of the panelists did nothing but bow before the princess and daddy, kiss the ring, and claim what loyal peons they are.

    Then Trump, who skipped the bulk of the meeting, walked in and immediately had everyone stroke Ivanka’s ego some more. Didn’t she do a good job sitting here listening to you all? Of course! Let’s all pat each other on the back for showing up in your limousines! Good job my millionaire friends! Then he asked everyone to repeat everything they had previously said in a lightning round the room. But he didn’t listen to anything after each one uttered the repetitive fawning “oh thank you Mr. President”. He clearly had zero interest in funding anything or establishing a federal framework for a next-generation technology public-private partnership. What is more important to him is to convince his base that these millionaire pep rallies accomplish something. He asked the Lockheed CEO about the F-35, displaying his ignorance that the jet is not designed with stealth tech. He mistakenly thought Apple massively increased US employment when in fact most growth in Apple is in retail, and most of that overseas. Tim only stated that most Apple employees have no college degree, so you do the math since El Presidente could not. He praised the Iowa representative for winning her election against the blue team—not for investing Iowa taxpayer money in a statewide vocational training program. Then to top it off, Trump closed the meeting blathering on about how important it is to keep immigrants out. Great job. Never mind the fact that small businesses don’t have the luxury of corporate outsourcing. When no low cost low skill labor is available, small businesses die, replaced by Amazon and WallyMart and Megacorp International.

    This is the kind of useless political grandstanding event that Trump enthusiasts used to criticize. This was a press event and a chance for Trump to have his ego pumped up. You will not see these CEOs do anything but lobby for federal cash anytime in the near future.

  3. Trump could have called him “Tim Imoji.” How about “Tim No-MacPro?” In any case, “Tim Apple” is super good PR for Apple.”

    Cook cozying up to politicians seems slimy. Jobs would have sent an underling instead.

  4. That is pretty much it. He is a fruit cake. Taking the greatest company in the world down the tubes. They absolutely cannot innovate since Steve died. They are nothing but an IBM and a Microsoft that found out the hard way. You CANNOT be arrogant.

    1. I, unfortunately, have to agree. Apple seemed to lose that “special something” when Steve Jobs died. Apple in the 2010s decade started to loose what made it unique. I still like them, but right now I’d have to say the most exciting developments are coming from the Linux community right now. After switching to Ubuntu I can truly say that Linux is the most punk rock OS out there now, and that Apple is slowly losing its touch.

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