Apple celebrates International Women’s Day

“Apple is highlighting female developers, musicians, artists, photographers and entrepreneurs and launching a new partnership with Girls Who Code to provide programming training for cub facilitators,” Anne Stych reports for The Business Journals.

“The App Store will highlight women throughout the month with its App of the Day, which will feature apps founded, developed or led by women, including Bumble, TheSkimm and Stitch Fix,” Stych reports. “On International Women’s Day, App Store customers will see special collections highlighting games featuring Marvel’s iconic female superhero, Captain Marvel.”

“Apple Music will also feature curated playlists and editorial packages featuring music icons, and Beats 1 will host a 24-hour takeover with shows programmed to highlight inspiring women,” Stych reports. “In select Apple stores around the world, including in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, visitors can attend “Made By Women” sessions led by artists, musicians, photographers, app developers, scientists and entrepreneurs designed to “inspire the next generation in hands-on sessions to unlock creativity and take their passions to the next level.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to all those who participate in Girls Who Code. We can’t wait to see what apps you develop in the future!

Apple celebrates International Women’s Day throughout March, partners with ‘Girls Who Code’ – February 28, 2019


    1. For your information, Women’s Day dates back to a time before women could vote in the USA. To this day, institutionalized bias causes women to be paid appropriately 70% on average of a man for the same work performed even in otherwise modern progressive nations. Until only a few years ago, sexism dictated that women couldn’t drive an auto in Saudi Arabia and women couldn’t fight in a combat for the USA. Around the world backwards attitudes like yours remind us all that fair treatment of women is still not achieved. All around the world education and healthcare offered to men is withheld from women under the ridiculous pretense of culture or religion. The reality is, most women in the world are treated as little more than slaves. That includes large parts of the USA where laws forbid a woman to make financial decisions without her husband or father’s signature. Raped women are told by religious zealots that if she is impregnated by her rapist, she has no choice but to serve the needs of the unwanted zygote. In other countries it is worse. A woman’s spouse is selected for her, she has no legal means of divorce, and she has no right to reject any abuse her husband may choose to inflict. This often directly results in sexual abuse chronic poor women’s health, and overpopulation. That overpopulation makes up the refugees that you want to build a fence so you don’t have to see them.

      If an annual reminder is needed for you to wake up to the realities of sexism and its effects in front of your eyes, so be it.

      You want to celebrate your male pattern baldness, go out and do it 365 days a freaking year. For the ladies who just spent the last 50 million years treated as cattle, their banding together one day a year won’t kill you. If you were a real man, that is.

      1. You are full of shit. Women are paid the same as men in the business world if you factor in the time they take off for raising children. Numerous studies have documented this. I love the fact there is a day that honors women that does not include honor for choosing to kill their babies. Women should be honored for being mothers and doing the lions share in raising the next generation. That is a beautiful thing. Of course there should be a day to honor men who do most of the work running the remote control and pretending to listen to their wives.

      1. Weird, I have never seen a mens version of “ladies night”, never heard of women buying diamond rings for men when getting engaged. Never heard of men overwhelmingly getting their children after divorces. I’ve never heard of women paying on first dates or any thereafter. I haven’t heard of many men getting paternity leave. And I never seem to get women contractors to show up for the manual labor jobs like plumbers, electricians, mechanics, roofers, etc. I haven’t heard of a single woman yet forced to shave their heads in the military like men are. And it always seems to be ok for women to hit men in public.

        Oh isn’t amazing to celebrate man’s day EVERY DAY! SMH

  1. i am totally OK with Apple celebrating Woman’s Day


    why did Apple practically ignore it’s OWN 35th Mac Anniversary?
    besides a single short twee from Cook:

    there was no:
    Anniversary video (there was a video on the New Cafeteria Doors)
    No Ads, not even cheap Web ads if TV too expensive ( jobs ran one new Mac ad a month, 66 different Mac PC guy ads in 4 years…)
    No Anniversary store promotions ( like buy A mac for 10% off this month if you own an iPhone)
    No Mac App store promotions
    No interviews or comments from head of Retail ahrendts or Marketing Schiller (this costs Apple nothing).(. does retail and marketing know Macs exist? )
    Not even a PRESS RELEASE (free) a write up with like maybe “unseen photo of young Jobs with Mac team” for the media.

    as it’s an anniversary Ad spend would have multiplied many times as many blogs, news outlets etc might like to run a “35th Mac Anniversary” especially if Apple provided all the ‘ingredients’ like photos and comments in a press release

    SHOOT Apple didn’t even bother to put a Banner on their webpage (much less REAL banners in their stores)

    And Macs are Apple;s SECOND LARGEST PRODUCT after IPhone, makes more than Watch, TV, Beats, AipPods COMBINED.


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