Apple finally stood up to Facebook and Google – and made a powerful point

“Apple finally stood up to Facebook and Google on matters of privacy, and it made a powerful point about the influence it wields in mobile,” Sara Salinas reports for CNBC. “Apple this week revoked the enterprise developer licenses of Facebook and Google, temporarily disabling internal employee-only apps, after reports that each company had side-loaded apps onto Apple’s operating system that violated the company’s rules. The license suspensions halted app development inside both companies and disrupted basic corporate functions until the privileges were restored Thursday night.”

“Facebook employees couldn’t access even their calendars or company transit schedules, according to a report by The New York Times. Facebook will now have to rebuild ‘a few dozen’ internal apps, which could take weeks, according to a company memo defending the company’s research app obtained by Business Insider,” Salinas reports. “‘Apple’s view is that we violated their terms by sideloading this app, and they decide the rules for their platform,’ Facebook executive Pedro Canahuati said in the memo seen by Business Insider. ‘Our relationship with Apple is really important — many of us use Apple products at work every day, and we rely on iOS for many of our employee apps, so we wouldn’t put that relationship at any risk intentionally.'”

Salinas reports, “The move this week underscored just how much damage Apple could do to Facebook’s and Google’s core businesses if it wanted to.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These were blatant violations on Facebook and Google’s parts of the terms of Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program and they each got what they deserved. In fact, Apple could easily have left them to twist on the wind, suffering much more.

The lesson is clear: Abuse your enterprise certificates, lose your enterprise certificates.

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  1. Everyone I told this to immediately brightened up and cheered at the thought of FB employees wandering aimlessly looking at their iPhones. It reminds me of the Star Trek episode Landru Speaks – The Return of the Archons. An entire world was in the thrall of a central server computer named Landru. When Kirk and Spock dismantled the server the law enforcement people wandered around aimlessly calling out to Landru.

      1. applecynic and Zero Von Randy might well be mindless borg drones, but they are both excellent examples that resistance is not futile, and that good people defeat evil scum like cynic Von Randy just by being alive and letting them spew their hate.

  2. I can understand MDN’s take, but I believe Apple will also suffer w/o Google and Facebook. Too many services intertwined in what the majority of users make use of in their daily life. Best to work things out if possible.

    1. Facebook has tried unsuccessfully to go straight to their users by making phones and video call devices. Pixel phones are a drip in the waterfall of Apple iPhone search requests to the Goog, to the point where the 21st century borg pays billions in tribute to Apple.

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