Apple debuts three new ads for Apple Pay (with video)

Apple today debuted three new ads for Apple Pay on the company’s YouTube channel.

Send and request cash with Apple Pay in Messages, and use it to shop in stores, online, and in apps. – Apple Inc.

The there ads are titled:
• Gift for Dad
• Doughnuts
• Salsa

Learn more:

MacDailyNews Take: We guarantee that ads like these will open some eyes, even for some iOS users, about what you can do so easily and securely with Apple’s Messages and Apple Pay Cash.

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  1. You go into a donut store, get in line, and then text someone for the money to pay for them? Pay for your own damn donuts.

    I guess that if Apple can’t get traction with people to use Apple Pay to buy stuff, they’ll go after a different crowd that wants to buy stuff with other people’s money.

    1. Maybe you just never noticed… they usually have only the contactlesss payment symbol, not apple pay specifically…

      I use it quite a bit in NY/NJ…. Walgreens, Trader Joe’s Starbucks, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, Staples, Wawa, and more…
      also for services like Uber, Lyft….
      I even have a few vending machines at work that take it.. (i just pay with my watch.)
      I much prefer it when it is available.

  2. I remember when Mac enthusiast websites discussed all the cool new things you could do & create with the brand new hardware & software Apple rolled out every year. It was fun to see how Apple put great effort into making the customer more empowered to do creative stuff.

    Now the most exciting thing MDN can find are boring ads about a 2 year old feature that is basically designed to make it easier to separate you from your money.

    Apple Pay, by the way, isn’t even a pimple on a baboon’s ass in China. China has effectively locked out all foreign banks and credit cards. If you want to pay for anything there, you have to use AliPay or WeChat. They are QR code based because western banks charge way too much in merchant fees for NFC terminals. Apple’s answer? Well Pipeline Timmy doesn’t know what to do yet. He hopes that someday the growing markets of the world will put more value in thinness than value. Jony is always ready to axe functions in order to achieve a 0.5 mm reduction in iPhone thickness. Isn’t that what you all asked for?

  3. Apple Pay is the second best thing about my Apple Watch. I use it everywhere. The people who don’t understand the awesomeness of it yet, also don’t even understand why credit cards have moved beyond that metal swipe thing from the 80s. 😛

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