Whither AirPower? Apple ended 2018 with a rare product launch miss

“Apple never launched AirPower, a product it said would arrive in 2018,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “Apple announced a product at its September 2017 iPhone event called ‘AirPower’ that was supposed to let iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods owners wirelessly charge all three devices at the same time. Apple said it would launch in 2018, but it never did.”

“During each of its events this year — one in March where it announced new iPads, its developer conference in June, the annual iPhone event in September and a Mac event in October — Apple failed to mention AirPower or its status,” Haselton reports. “Mysteriously, Apple began pulling all mention of AirPower from its website after the September 2018 iPhone event. Around that time, plugged-in Apple writer John Gruber, suggested that AirPower was facing overheating problems and may have been ‘”scrubbed.'”

The AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously
The AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously

“At this point, it seems likely AirPower has been canceled or indefinitely delayed,” Haselton reports. “An Apple spokesperson was not immediately available to comment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: File under: Don’t announce it until it’s ready or at least until you’re damn sure you can ship it.

What was the point of setting yourselves up for failure and public ridicule at the ands of CNBC et al., Apple?

Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs

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  1. Who cares! Why do we even keep talking about this? It’s an overpriced accessory that has all sorts of competitors which are already available. At this point, it’s just click bait. And I clicked. I just bought a wireless charger two-pack at Costco for $34. Works great with my iPhone XS Max.

  2. I never understood why the AirPower was such a big deal. I have been just fine with a few (more when counting car mount chargers) of excellent Qi chargers and have no desire to increase my collections.
    I am more ticked off by the fact that Apple has nothing to say to us after crying wolf for at least 2 years and when they missed the mark, they become silent. Say something, anything to us rather than ignoring consumers, won’t you?

  3. Tell Tale Signs

    Imitation Apple charger has 4 outlets and cost € 10.
    Watch can not even be charged as shown in the picture because you would have to remove the band.
    Mac Pro? How hard can making a Mac Pro be? People loved the grate design. Improve on it, put SSD’s and decent video and use processors that accept memory. It can literally be done in a day. A day!
    Apple is lucky the iPhone is great and the Watch is too, the rest is getting to be less impressive each day. There was a time I could not wait for a new Mac. Even just to hear there was one, not yet available or within budget, but just shown, that I would get exited like a child for it’s birthday. Today. Meh. Nothing new. Nothing special. No features that make you go “Of course! Tha’s the way to do it!” Nothing Nothing Nothing…..

    Still, when my Mac is unaware, I look at the HP and Dell sites. Yuk, nothing there either….pretty pleased with the Mac after all……..I guess…..

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